The Best Fragrances for dogs: advantages and how to apply them

The smell of your dog can sometimes be a bit unpleasant for the human nose and when the smells from your dog are too present, living with them can be somewhat complicated.

If you want your best friend to smell good and give off fresh scents, then you need a gentle perfume or fragrance for dogs.This is now one of the basic products for the care and hygiene of your pets and in this post we tell you about the advantages of using them, how to choose the best fragrance for your dog and advice on how to apply it correctly.

Can you put perfume on a dog?

How to correctly apply dogs fragrance and precautions to take into accountThe answer is "yes". You can certainly put a fragrance on your pet with no problem, however choosing the correct product is important, as they should be fragrances or perfume designed specifically for pets.
Human perfumes contain ingredients that can irritate canine skin, so you should look for colognes specially made for use on animals.

Advantages of using a dog fragrance

The advantages of putting a little cologne on your pets are the following:

  • Say goodbye to the bad smells of your dog or cat: one of the advantages of using perfume for animals is that you can change its scents, making it much more pleasant and giving them an air of freshness.
  • Save time and money: by applying a conditioner or fragrance, you will increase the period between baths. This way you will save money on grooming and time if you groom them yourself, since you will not need to bath them so much.
  • Give them a unique style: if you want your pet to have a different style, stand out above the rest of the dogs and look as glamorous as their owners, a fragrance is undoubtedly one of the essential grooming products that you should buy.
  • They are totally safe: you can use these perfumes with the assurance that you will not harm your pet's health. Its 100% natural formula is designed as a deodorant, since it eliminates unpleasant smells without damaging the animal's skin. All this thanks to the fact that these products are made with water as a base.  They also help protect against parasites.

How to correctly apply a fragrance to your pet

Correctly applying the fragrance to your pet is simple. We recommend putting a bit behind the ears or at the base of the tail, as more bad smells accumulate here. You can also spray your hands or a brush and then rub it on or brush it through the coat when grooming.

You can also apply a little on the back, at the base of the neck, and on the legs of your cat or dog. It is advisable to do it after bathing them and when they have dry hair so that the cologne is better impregnated.

Tips and precautions when using a cologne for your dog

Find out where to buy the best perfumes for dogs onlineIf you are thinking of buying a perfume for your dog, we recommend taking these tips into account.

  • Talk to the vet: sometimes animals such as cats or dogs can have skin problems. It is advisable to speak with the vet to verify whether or not wearing a perfume poses a risk to the health of your best friend.
  • Check if the perfume is correct: not all formulas or fragrances go well with all breeds. If you see that soon after applying it, it begins to scratch and act strangely, do not apply it again and consult a vet as they may have an allergy.
  • Avoid delicate areas: it is important that you do not spray your pet with perfume in delicate areas such as their ears or his face. You should also avoid the belly area because it is normal for them to lick it to clean themselves.

Where to buy perfume for dogs?

The best option to buy pet perfumes is at DIVAIN, because here you can find a variety of fragrances for dogs and cats at the best price. There are products for all tastes and personalities!

The best perfumes for dogs and other pets

If you don't know which cologne to buy for your 4 legged friend, we have a list of suggestions below. These perfumes, in addition to being able to be used on dogs and cats, can be applied on other animals without feathers such as cats or rabbits.


If you want your puppy to be even more cuddly and enjoy enveloping scents, without a doubt this perfume for dogs is your best option. My First (DIVAIN-997) is a fragrance that takes care of your little one's skin in a natural way and keeps it hydrated. A mild and long-lasting scents perfect for your first outings.


This natural fragrance is suitable for playful, daring and cheeky dogs that love to be on the street and socialise. Street Style (DIVAIN-999) is made with quality natural ingredients ideal for dogs and puppies of all breeds




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