Christmas Gifts: 10 recommended perfumes for men

Christmas is just around the corner, and we’re all getting presents ready for our loved ones. At DIVAIN we want to help you make the best decision, that’s why we’re starting a new series of posts of Christmas gift ideas, and we’re starting with 10 recommended perfumes for men.

10 Stylish perfumes for men this Christmas

We’ve made a careful selection of men’s perfumes that vary between novelties and classics. These are fragrances for all tastes that our loved life companions are sure to value, remembering us when they use their perfume.

1. For the charismatic man

DIVAIN-295 | Perfume similar to Noir Extreme by Tom Ford: Pure sensuality in a masculine version, this perfume is new to our catalogue. It’s an oriental, woody fragrance that stands out and differs from the rest because of it has lots of personality.

2. For the perfume amateur

DIVAIN-222 | Perfume similar to Sauvage by Dior: It’s hard to fail with a fragrance like this one. Perfect for the man who is an amateur when it comes to perfumes, inspired by great open spaces, fresh and easy to use in any part of the year.

3. For the lover of freshness

DIVAIN-027 | perfume similar to Aqua di Gio by Armani: For many, this is their leading fragrance. A perfume that belongs to the aquatic olfactory family, it contains all the freshness of the sea. Easy to wear and hard to forget.

4. For the man who exudes elegance

DIVAIN-294 | Perfume similar to Legend Spirit by Montblanc: Pure elegance and class in a bottle of perfume. This fragrance is another of our new arrivals and a complete success.

5. For the traveller

DIVAIN-039 | Perfume similar to Terre by Hermès: One of the most-sold from our catalogue, for good reason. Ideal for adventurous men and lovers of nature.

6. For the sports fan

DIVAIN-289 | Perfume similar to Luna Rossa by Prada: If you’re thinking of giving perfume as a gift to a man who likes to set himself challenges and surpass his goals, this is the fragrance you’re looking for. A citric and very fresh perfume, ideal for everyday use.

7. For the lover of luxury

DIVAIN-200 | Perfume similar to Bleu by Chanel: Not at all conventional, a fragrance that represents luxury and liberty. A woody perfume, perfect for an elegant date.

8. For the man who lives life to the max

DIVAIN-291 | Perfume similar to Y by Yves Saint Laurent: For the man who lives life fully and doesn’t miss anything. This fresh fragrance accompanies the dreamer with great goals in life.

9. For the seductive man

DIVAIN-223 | Perfume similar to The Scent by Hugo Boss: This fragrance is the ideal one for the seductive and irresistible man. It won’t go unnoticed no matter where he goes. Perfect for going out at night.

10. For the all-purpose man

DIVAIN-228 | Perfume similar to Creed by Aventus: Another star from our catalogue with a lot of faithful followers. It’s not a conventional fragrance, but it very versatile, ideal for any occasion.


We hope our suggestions help you to find the perfect gift perfume for your partner, father, son, friend, etc. Merry Christmas!


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