Colognes Kids, new similar perfumes at DIVAIN

Kids’ Colognes, new similar perfumes at DIVAINAt DIVAIN, we’re always trying to move ahead and improve, doing all we can to offer our clients everything they need. So, at the request of some of our clients, we have included in our catalogue Kids’ Colognes, new similar colognes at DIVAIN.

At this time we have five similar perfumes which smell wonderful, and with packaging that we love, full of colour, like a party full of happiness and good memories for the smallest members of the family. Of course they always smell good, but they have the right to a special cologne too. Do you want to know what similar perfumes we’re talking about? Keep reading and we’ll describe each one of them.

Colognes Kids, DIVAIN

DIVAIN-900 Similar to Tous Baby by Tous for boys and girls

DIVAIN-900 Similar to Tous Baby by Tous for boys and girlsThere’s a special bond created between a mother and her baby and this cologne is inspired by just this sweet and tender relationship. A soft and delicate aroma, like a hug with the arms of your baby around your neck… breathe deep and enjoy the moment which you will always remember as something unique. See DIVAIN-900


DIVAIN-901 Similar to Baby Touch by Burberry for boys and girls

DIVAIN 901-Similar to Petits et Mamans by Bulgari for girlsMothers, boy and girls can share this fragrance. Its citrus aroma exudes a freshness and peace that will surround the whole family. See DIVAIN-901

DIVAIN-902 Similar to Petits et Mamans by Bulgari for girls

902-DIVAIN KIDS-  Similar to Petits et Mamans by Bulgari for girlsAgain the inspiration arises from the indescribable bond created between mothers and their children. With its aroma, at first you perceive peace and tranquillity, then later vitality and happiness, unforgettable memories that a mother can never erase. See DIVAIN-902

DIVAIN-903 Similar to Ptisenbon by Tartine et Chocolat for girls

DIVAIN 903-Similar to Ptisenbon by Tartine et Chocolat for girlsSurely you’ve heard of this cologne. It smells great! This aroma, so delicate, soft and fresh, protects the delicate skin of our little girls. Its fragrance inspires us with infinite tenderness, love and affection. See DIVAIN-903


DIVAIN-904 Similar to Tous Kids Boys by Tous for boys

DIVAIN 904-Similar to Tous Kids Boys by Tous for boysFor boys who want to be big and leave behind colognes for babies. They’re little men now and want to be like their dads. With this fragrance they’ll have an aroma linked to those endless afternoons with their group of friends, moments to remember all their lives.  See DIVAIN-904




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