Fashionable colours for spring/summer 2020

We are living in difficult times, but all of this will pass and better days will come, days in which we will enjoy normal life more intensely. We’re going to take a look at what we can do to be ready for the new season when the time comes to return to the streets….and we take the opportunity to suggest some movies to have a good time with.

When a new season starts, we always want to see what’s being worn; what colours, shapes and figures will dominate our wardrobe in the coming months. Today we’ll talk about colours, because each season delights us with new colour palettes and with very different and inspiring ways to combine them. Because that’s what fashion is for; to have fun, to surprise and to experiment with unique combinations!

In this occasion we have analysed all of the tones seen in the Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Weeks, and these are some of the colours and combinations that will dominate the coming months.

Colours that are being worn this spring/summer

  • Black never goes out of style. As Christian Dior once said: “Black is the most slimming colour. It’s the most flattering. You can wear it at any age. You can wear it for any occasion.” Without a doubt it’s an option that never fails in any season. You can combine it with camouflage green items to achieve a more chic style, just as much in the day as at breakfast-color-negroWatch the trailer 
  • Pink will triumph this season. A two-piece pink suit? Without a doubt that would be a great choice! You can also combine it with red or orange to create more daring looks.
  • Mint green is another of the best bets in the fashion shows this year. A complete look in green? Combined with clothing or accessories in Klein blue? A guaranteed success!.
  • Neon colours have not gone out of style; you can wear some accessory like a bag, a scarf or glasses in this range of colours to take your look to the stratosphere of modernity.Blade Runner 2049-cine-color-neonWatch the trailer


  • Turquoise is another colour which will triumph this season. Combine it with basic items and neutral colours and you can’t fail.
  • Pastel colours will create sweeter and more feminine looks, but this season it is the purples and lilacs that are coming in stronger than ever in order to insert themselves in our spring styles, no matter what. For example, Marc Jacobs, Max Mara, Valentino, Givenchy y Gucci are all featuring them.El Gran Hotel Budapest-tonos pastelWatch the trailer
  • Pantone’s blue for 2020: Classic Blue can’t fail. We’ve seen it march by with Salvatore Ferragamo or Thierry Mugler. Without a doubt a tone which will be featured in maritime styles, especially if combined with white. An infallible pair!

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