Father’s Day: an ideal gift for dad

Father’s Day is here and with it, the million dollar question:

- What do I give to my father?!?

A perfume is always a useful gift, but it’s not about just picking any perfume to complete the procedure.

If you pick a perfume that is actually perfect for the person receiving it, you won’t have just given a gift “because you had to,” instead you will be transmitting what you think about him and about his personality.

But, in order to do that, you have to choose well.

If you don’t know how to do that, keep reading, because we’re going to give you a hand to make sure you hit the mark.

What perfume to give for Father’s Day?

The prototypes of masculine personality that they tend to sell us in marketing have become outdated.

That’s why we’re going to base our recommendations on the study carried out by the marketing consultant “El Departamento” in its study (Men)tamorphosis, in which they define 6 principle masculine profiles:

1. Neoclassical

He has a strong and practical character, but his priority is the family. He is a man who is proud of his values, with strong principles, who values quality and authenticity.

Men like Sergio Ramos or Javier Bardem protect the intimacy of their families above all else, and also have success in other facets of their lives.

If your father is like that, choose DIVAIN-023, a perfume similar to Boss Bottle by Hugo Boss. 

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2. Sexyuppie

Powerful and competitive, this man is one who works from sun to sun, with maximum effort.

His work is a reflection of the way he is, and he always like to keep a good appearance. A perfectionist and a fighter, like Rafa Nadal or David Beckham, he needs perfumes with his level of commitment and energy.

For him we recommend DIVAIN-029, a perfume similar to L’Eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake.

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3. Spornosexual

Your father loves to take care of his body, he’s a proper gym addict. But it isn’t only physical: his objective is to arrive at the body-mind balance and feel equally good inside and out.

Like Ryan Gosling or Hugh Jackman, he’s a sophisticated man, independent and strong, who accentuates his sensuality with aromas like DIVAIN-026, a perfume similar to Lacoste pour Homme by Lacoste.

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4. Mamboh

Does your father take advantage of every spare minute to look for some new experience? This type of man is creative and curious, and also cultured, and above all, he is someone who doesn’t know how to sit still for one minute; he always has a new plan in mind.

Such a dynamic personality needs to be clothed with an equally energetic perfume. Josep Guardiola or Roger Federer could choose DIVAIN-200, a perfume similar to Bleu by Chanel EDT.

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5. Superdad

The family is his most important activity and is what he devotes every day to, not because of obligation, but out of the purest sense of calling.

A sensitive, practical and creative man who enjoys simple things, because he knows they are really the most important.

If Chris Hermsworth and Antonio Banderas are like your father, you can be certain with DIVAIN-278, a perfume similar to Pleasures For Men by Estée Lauder.

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6. Mupp

These young fathers, like millennials who are already combing some grey hairs, are supportive, ecologically-minded and empathetic.

Fathers who are close at hand and accessible, who take care of their partners and their surroundings.

Like Ashton Kutcher or Zac Efron, they are men you’d like to have a drink with after work because you know that they’ll listen to you and get you smiling.

Optimistic and serene perfumes like DIVAIN-286, a perfume similar to PI by Givenchy, will be the perfect choice for him.

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Have you decided on your gift for Father’s Day?

We hope we have helped you with our personalized selection, but remember that you can use our search feature to find the fragrance that fits best with your father’s personality. Happy Father’s Day!



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