Get to know our two new aromas inspired by nature

With the arrival of longer days, and with spring right around the corner, fresher aromas come on the scene; floral scents with a special touch that are incorporated into our everyday life, leaving the heavier fragrances for specific occasions.

When it’s time to choose aromas for the new season we tend to opt for floral notes, the quintessential queens of the season, and even some that are mixed with light fruity touches, nuances that can’t fail in the months of spring and that make us feel closer to the pleasant weather.

We propose that you try our two new fragrances so you can give spring the welcome it deserves.

New similar perfumes for the new season

The first is DIVAIN-605, similar to L’ombre dans L’eau by Diptyque. It is inspired by delicious summer afternoon by the river, in which the greatest pleasure of the day consists of enjoying the pleasing shade of a weeping willow, the aromas of the recently-flowering rose and the delicate creaminess of the blackcurrant.

A delicate aroma, encircling and unique, in which the rose and the blackcurrant are intermingled. It isn’t missing a botanic and citric touch of bergamot and mandarin, which merges into the sweetness and intensity of the Bulgarian rose.

For those looking for a special aroma, DIVAIN-244, similar to Philosykos by Diptyque, a unisex woody-aromatic perfume is the ideal option.

Philosykos in Greek means “friend of the fig tree,” the tree whose dried leaves and branches, kept in a box of keepsakes, inspired the creation of this unequalled fragrance.

Its aroma pays homage to nature, specifically to woods of fig trees loaded with fruit and warmed by the sun of the Greek islands. This fragrance captures the essence that passes through these woods, an intoxicating fruity and woody aroma.

In its head notes stand out fig leaves and fig, which give way to heart notes of coconut and green notes. The aroma finishes with woody notes of cedar and fig wood.

It is a veritable olfactory ode to the odours of the Mediterranean that captivate today, now and forever.



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