Olfactive families: aquatic perfumes, maximum freshness!

Is there anything that evokes summer more than the sea?

Many of us spend the summer season close to the coast, and it’s in the aquatic perfumes that we can find the aroma that characterizes the sea. This family of fragrances is a sure bet to surround yourself with freshness.

When we talked about olfactive families, we explained to you the most frequent notes in each of them.

In the aquatic perfumes there is a characteristic note that is the main ingredient in all of them, which is indispensable for carrying that particular aroma of the sea: calone.

Calone is a synthetic component that gives that touch of ozone and sea breeze, with it you feel like you are submersed in the ocean.

Aquatic perfumes

This family is essentially masculine, so we will concentrate on perfumes for men.

In fact, the origin of the reign of aquatic fragrances over the summer was the birth of one perfume in particular. Do know which one?

You can enjoy this classic right now if you choose DIVAIN-206, similar to Cool Water by Davidoff. The perfect perfume to refresh you with the freedom of vacations and the happiness of summer afternoons.

Along the same line is DIVAIN-027, similar to Acqua di Gio, by Armani. With a touch of the sea, and another intense and indispensable summer note: citric aromas. There is no mixture more in keeping with months of summer.

For a perfume with a little more masculine touch, you can choose DIVAIN-262, similar to Kenzo pour Homme, by Kenzo.  Its main essence is the sea, but its woody base carries the perfect note of serenity to be the perfume for this summer’s afternoons.

And finally, we suggest DIVAIN-215, similar to Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari. All of the aroma of summer in a bottle and at your fingertips, so you can relieve the heat with the freshness of a summer spray.

Have you chosen which touch of summer you like best?

There’s no doubt about the attraction that a man spreads when he carries the smell of the sea in summer, or in any other season of the year! If you like freshness, these will be the ideal perfumes for any part of the year.

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