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The History of Chanel nº5

by Laura #PerfumeAddict on July 25, 2018

The story of Chanel n5 - DIVAIN-106 Perfume equivalent to Chanel n5To speak of this feminine fragrance par excellence is to speak of a symbol, of a different woman who changed the concept of fashion by creating a new style. And of course it goes without saying that Chanel Nº5 has its equivalent in our catalogue of fragrances: DIVAIN-106. Its history began in 1921, a year in which Coco Chanel had already achieved worldwide fame as a fashion designer. She was going here and there driving her own Rolls Royce and had boutiques in Paris, Deauville, and Biarritz.

Chanel Nº5 isn’t just a perfume

The perfumes of that era didn’t match with this image of an elegant, feminine and modern woman. She decided to create her own fragrance, a sophisticated, fresh, soft and clean fragrance, like the smell of soap which reminded her of her childhood. She happened to know a perfume maker whom she had met on a summer vacation in the French Riviera. His name was Ernest Beaux, and Coco went to visit him and put him in charge of making a “women’s perfume that smells like a woman.”

Beaux presented 10 fragrances to Coco and it was number 5 that she chose (her favourite number), a perfume that used the most daring flowers and essences of that era, with a total of 80 ingredients. As a novelty, it included an organic component that was unknown at the time called aldehyde. This ingredient set and gave intensity to the floral olfactory notes of the perfume. Coco says, “It was what I was waiting for. A unique perfume. A women’s perfume with the essence of a woman.”

It was at that moment that the legend began. Coco became the first fashion designer to launch a perfume, but she would not be the last. The launching took place on 5 May 1921 with a container that was clearly different than the baroque style of that era, simple, with clean lines, a complete icon. To begin, Coco gave the perfume to her 100 best clients, and of course, caused a furore.

Evolution of the Chanel n5 packagingThe history of Chanel n5 - DIVAIN-106 Perfume equivalent to Chanel n5

Marilyn Monroe The story of Chanel n5 - DIVAIN-106 Perfume equivalent to Chanel n5

It has been used by celebrities of every type. How can we forget Marilyn Monroe? The diva confessed: “I sleep with some drops of Chanel Nº5 and nothing else.” Today, almost 100 years later, its fame continues unabated, it’s the classic of the classics, and it always works.

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