The most special aromas are inspired by memories

Timeless aromas that do not succumb to fads.  These are the fragrances of Byredo, the most popular brand that everyone wants.

The secret of these cult fragrances lies in their discrete approach, in which simple compositions without too many ingredients give way to olfactory creations in which emotions reign.

The objective of these fragrances is centred in awakening memories, emotions and experiences. A renewed approach to modern luxury in which each fragrance is marked by an idea.

Perfumes similar to Byredo: the simplicity of the most fashionable niche perfumes.

DIVAIN-246, equivalent to Mojave Ghost by Byredo is a unisex composition inspired by the beauty of the Mojave desert, one of the driest in the world.  In these extreme climatic conditions grows a flower called "the ghost flower", capable of living with hardly any water and which is extremely rare and precious, which inspires this fragrance: the ghost of the Mojave. It’s floral oriental aroma, with an output of musk ambrette and sapodilla, opens to notes of violet, sandalwood and magnolia. Finish with the woody hint of ambergris and cedar.

DIVAIN- 245, equivalent to Gipsy Water by Byredo, is a Unisex fragrance, inspired by the idealised lifestyle of Rome and it’s Myths. An aromatic woody scent that initially suggests bergamot, lemon, pepper and Virginian juniper continues with notes of incense, pine needles and lily root and finishes with amber, vanilla and sandalwood.  It reflects the scent of cool earth, deep forests and a spirit that is free and close to nature.

The feminine floral scent DIVAIN 625, similar to Blanche de Byredo, was born from the idea of ​​creating a perfume that reflects the innocence, transparency and purity of the white color. It highlights notes of pink pepper, rose and aldehydes, followed by those of African orange blossom, violet and peony. It ends with woody notes of sandalwood and musk. 

Without a doubt these are more than special aromas that should not be missed!



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