Types of perfumes according to olfactory families (I)

When you discover an aroma, it’s inevitable that it will provoke some sensation in you or remind you of someone.

Sometimes it smells like the sea, at other times it reminds you of a summer afternoon at the beach… And it’s also possible that you can’t even describe the sensation it gives you.

That’s why today we’re starting to explain to you what some of our olfactory families are and what fragrances belong to each one. That way, the next time you choose a perfume, you can have a clear idea of what sensation you want to give to those who capture your essence.


AQUATIC Olfactive family Similar perfumes DIVAIN

These are fresh, light scents which smell clean and smell like good times. Their personality comes from a synthetic essence called Calone, which gives them a marine touch that is perfect for those hot days. An example is DIVAIN-206, a perfume similar to Cool Water by Davidoff for men.

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MUSK Olfactive family Similar perfumes DIVAIN

These are aromas that are traditionally associated with seduction and sensuality, which evoke the aroma of blackberries or of ambergris. Pure, powerful and elegant fragrances, perfect to emphasize the femininity and magnetism of the 21st century woman. Interested? Try DIVAIN-510, a perfume similar to Lacoste Pour Femme by Lacoste.

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WOODY Olfactive family Similar perfumes DIVAIN

This family of aromas has a very intense evocation with character and is used a lot in masculine aromas, although it is also beginning to be used in feminine fragrances. They oscillate between the intensity of cedar or patchouli and the freshness of pine and bamboo. We have many in our catalogue. A couple of examples are DIVAIN-501, perfume similar to Idole by Armani for women and DIVAIN-015, perfume similar to Only the Brave by Diesel for men.

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CHYPRE Olfactive family Similar perfumes DIVAIN

A very intense olfactory family with a lot of personality. It includes various fragrances which go from patchouli to moss, and from flowers to amber to musk. These are perfumes with character and a lot of personality, only fitting for men and women who are very sure of themselves. If you want to try one of them, we suggest DIVAIN-574, similar to Paloma Picasso for women and DIVAIN-270, similar to Lui by Rochas for men.

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CITRUS Olfactive family Similar perfumes DIVAIN

This family needs almost no explanation, right? Lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit or lime… Fresh, cheerful and young aromas that carry you straight to summertime. Perfect for daytime use and as good for men as for women. And also for young people! A couple of examples are DIVAIN-139, a perfume similar to Ô by Lancôme for women and DIVAIN-038, similar to Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana for men.

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LEATHER Olfactive family Similar perfumes DIVAIN

The most specific olfactory family is also the oldest one in perfume-making. These are soft perfumes, with aromas of wood and moss and smoked aromas. They have tones of birch, coffee or dried fruit to create subtle but memorable masculine fragrances, good for almost any occasion. A sample? DIVAIN-221, a perfume similar to Uomo by Valentino for men.

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So far, we have explained to you are first 6 olfactory families. In a few days we’ll talk about the rest. In the meantime, is there one that’s grabbed your attention?


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