What to wear with green trousers: colours, accessories and clothing

Associated with nature, youth, vitality and serenity.  In fashion, green is a great area of opportunity for those looking for an organic outfit that reflects self-confidence. The  versatility of this color is almost comparable to black and white.

In this article we tell you what to wear with green trousers so that you can take full advantage of new ideas and shades of green according to spring, fall or whatever the weather. We will give you some tips and ideas that will help you compliment your outfits and look your best.

What pairs well with green trousers for women?

best outfits to match with green trousers

If you are not sure what pieces to wear with that white crew-neck sweater they gave you at Christmas, or which shoes to pair with it, then you better read on.

Colour combinations for women’s green trousers

Green trousers are available in many different shades, from pale to very intense including olive and khaki, so combining them with a single colour is simple. Available options include white, black, orange, yellow, gold, coffee tones ,such as dark brown, olive and creamy-beige.

Remember that the colors of your look should be chosen according to the fashion for the season and of course not all shades can be worn well throughout the year.

What garments can I combine with my trousers?

By wearing your green trousers with the right colors you can combine them with anything, from casual looks with a t- shirt, or a day-to-day shirt, to smarter pieces like blazers, a long jacket, a pretty top or a work shirt.

According to fashion experts, one of the best looks is to pair a black jacket or a leather jacket with army green trousers. Similarly, you can also choose dresses for summer or jackets for autumn and winter.

How can I accessorise them?

Accessories are fundamental to completing any look, so without a doubt you should wear them with your outfit.  Heels are one of the best options to go with your olive cargo trousers, they can give you a smart casual style.

Another garment for women that you shouldn’t forget with this type of trouser is a scarf.  Not only will it keep the cold out but it will give you a touch of the Cosmopolitan, in true Milan style. You can also take advantage of belts, caps, hats, and even formal and casual jewellery.

What goes with men’s green trousers?

discover which colours to match with green trousers

Men can also make the most of green trousers, be it chinos for spring or jeans for winter.  Here we tell you how to follow the current fashion trends:

Colours that pair well with men’s green trousers 

As with women, there are many a shade and pattern for men to try.

Of course, unlike women, men tend to focus on stronger, dark colours, such as navy blue or black. We can also take inspiration in more vibrant tones though, mint coloured trousers pair well with neon shades are a popular current trend.

Which garments should I wear with them?

There are many versatile options that you can combine olive color or military green trousers, try wearing them with a smart black, white or even a denim shirt as a new outfit.

You can also add a coat to your style for a smarter, more sophisticated look.  Similarly, blazers with jeans are excellent for a more tailored look with jeans and can give you a smart-casual style.

Which accessories?

Some of the best accessories for guys to wear with green trousers are black scarves or gloves. This dark combination is pretty effective for those who want to be fashionable and have that “bad boy” look.

Anther great accessory idea to consider are rucksacks or mens leather bags. In general, green trousers are used to create vintage, retro (hipster), Indie, ‘bad boy’ or smart-casual outfits.



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