What are the ideal perfumes for winter?

With the arrival of winter, winter aromas arrive on the scene, but which to choose? How can you make sure not to choose on which isn’t long-lasting or which isn’t right for this time of year? We’ll give you three keys to make a good choice and some suggestions with which you can’t go wrong!

1. Use a more intense perfume

Summer is the time for light and fresh fragrances. On the other hand, in the winter, you can go with stronger aromas. Perfumes also wear off faster in the cold months (because of the dryness of the skin), so choosing a more intense aroma will assure that it stays with you longer.

FOR HER we suggest DIVAIN-091, similar to Alien by Thierry Mugler, intense and woody.

FOR HIM, DIVAIN-048, similar to Fahrenheit by Dior, a classic woody fragrance ideal for the cold months.

2- Pay attention to the different notes. The notes of a fragrance are more important in the winter months. Perfumes have top notes (head notes), middle notes (heart notes), and base notes. The base notes are made up of the more intense aromas, which is to say those that last longer. Patchouli, amber, vanilla, sandalwood… and woods in general are common notes that you regularly encounter in winter perfumes.

FOR HER we suggest DIVAIN-163, similar to Shalimar by Guerlain with a very wintery base of sandalwood, musk, vanilla, incense and tonka bean.

FOR HIM, DIVAIN-241, similar to Halloween Man by Jesús del Pozo, with a base of musk, amber, vanilla and leather.

Winter perfumes for men

3. Choose a perfume instead of a cologne or eau de toilette

The reason is simple: the concentrations of the essence of perfume in colognes and eau de toilette are between 5% and 10%, while a perfume or perfume water fluctuates between 10% and 19% of perfume essence.

FOR HER we suggest DIVAIN-193, similar to La Panthere by Cartier, voluptuous, feminine and sensual.

FOR HIM, DIVAIN-212, similar to Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent, inspired by the Greek gods, with notes of patchouli, vetiver, oak moss and vanilla.