What perfumes do celebrities use?

The most intimate beauty element in a woman’s boudoir is, without a doubt, her perfume. It's choice reveals much about the character, likes and personality of the person who wears it.  That’s why today we’re pulling back the curtain on the intimate details of famous women and revealing some of their favourite fragrances. Why not discover them!

Celebrity's Perfumes
It is well-known that some drops of Chanel Nº5 accompanied Marilyn every night, or that L’Interdit by Givenchy was an aroma that the French fashion designer created for his eternal muse and friend, Audrey Hepburn, in 1957. Hubert decided to surprise her with a very special gift, and had a fragrance made for her. Although the company’s first perfume was destined for the personal use of the actress, it was so successful that Hubert proposed to her that it could, perhaps, be sold commercially, to which Audrey responded: “Mais je te l’interdit!” (I forbid you!), from which comes the name of this fragrance that has stuck, with some modifications, until now. The reaction in the conversation between them is anecdotal, since the perfume was, of course, put on sale with Audrey as its image. That was the first time in history that an actress was the image of a fragrance.

But what about famous women of today? What perfumes can we find in their boudoirs? In the case of the singer Katy Perry, she opts for the very unique and different aroma of Angel, by Thierry Mugler. Amanda Seyfried prefers Eau Perfumée Au Thé Vert by Bulgari, and the socialite Olivia Palermo opts for Idylle by Guerlain, information which she gave in an interview to Grazia.

Angelina Jolie doesn’t say no to Carolina Herrera for Women, and the singer Adele has used the same perfume for 15 years: Hypnotic Poison, by Christian Dior.

The Oscar-winning Emma Stone loves to spray Gardenia by Chanel on her pillow,
because it is a familiar aroma to her and helps her sleep. The Spanish actress,
also an Oscar winner, Penélope Cruz, confessed to the magazine Elle that she is loyal to Trésor, and that it was the first perfume that her parents gave her as a gift, an aroma whose image she later became. And what about you, are you in agreement with the celebrities?



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