Wondering what to pack for your holiday?

Summer is here and, despite the circumstances, leaving home and organizing a holiday or a break to disconnect is what almost everyone is wishing for. So that your suitcase is perfect, and you are not missing the essentials for any situation, we give you some tips that should be useful.

Having a travel case that boasts style and in which nothing is missing is not an impossible mission! Even though your destination may be beach, city or mountain, there is never a lack of must have cases that adapt to any situation. Take note!

5 things you shouldn’t forget when packing your case

  1. Always wear a swimsuit: on the beach it's a no-brainer, but in the mountains you can find a wonderful lake and in the city a hotel with a swimming pool or a great spa that you don't want to miss. Don't forget a pair of water shoes and a hat or sombrero to protect yourself from the sun!
  2. Don’t forget your jeans, shorts, a classic shirt, a short-sleeved shirt or t-shirt, a jumper and sunglasses, (a shirt dress would also go nicely with those). The basics to create outfits that you will never fail with. In the case of going to the mountains, you should include more comfortable trousers.
  3. As for  shoes, which is what occupies most space in your case, try not to miss comfortable walking shoes, sandals and a pair of smarter shoes. An infallible trio that will solve any situation.
  4. In your toiletry bag, never forget to take a perfume, it is an essential complement that cannot be missed on any occasion, and afterwards, it will help you remember the trip, thanks to the olfactory memory that we talked about a few weeks ago. Don't forget about sun creams (face and body), a summer essential! And, to go with the creams, some sun powders that give you a good complexion in a few seconds.
  5. Don't forget to bring a bag or backpack to carry everything you need on any occasion, and a guide to the area to get to know the emblematic places of your destination in depth.