Woody perfumes: The incomparable quality of woods

Over a century ago the French Perfume Committee established a system of categorizing perfumes in seven large families: citrus, floral, oriental, leather, fougére, chypre and woody. Each of these groups is divided in numerous sub-families which are updated as perfume makers continually create new aromas.

Today we are going to talk to you about the woody family, because what can evoke more of a sense of quality than the image of wood? When the cold comes, the image of a forest or of a fireplace tend to be very appealing, but how do you translate that sensation into a perfume? Doubtless by choosing an aroma that contains woody nuances; perfumes which tend to be dry, warm and sophisticated.

High-intensity perfumes 

The woody family includes all perfumes whose definitive note is wood, but clearly does not include those that are grouped as fougère. It is, in turn, subdivided into 3 sub-families: aromatic woods, musky woods, and dry woods. Also, woody perfumes have a great advantage: they combine very well with the majority of elements that are used to create fragrances, like flowers, spices or leather.

Its aroma tends to be characterized as warm and opulent, which is why they tend to be associated with masculine perfumes, although gradually they are entering into feminine perfume making. In fact, a large majority of perfumes on the market tend to use these notes as a final touch to their fragrances and approximately 80% of perfumes on the market contain some woody note.

The notes that belong to this family tend to be extracted from trees such as cedar, birch or sandalwood.

Aromatic woody fragrances tend to contain notes of pine, cedar and vetiver, -a plant with extensive roots (the older the roots, the better the quality of their essential oil).

Musky woody perfumes are characterized by the contrast between their warm base of wood and fresh head notes which contribute the touch of musk.

This type of fragrances are suitable to use as a night-time perfume or as an aroma for the cold seasons, since they generally have a potent base and their intensity is medium or high.



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