4 Ideal perfumes for the libra man

The Libra man is very seductive, so it is most likely that he chooses carefully the perfume that he uses. This man born under an Air Sign that is represented by the scales is a social being who likes to connect with others and who shows himself as he is. Among all the perfumes of the DIVAIN catalogue, which are the ones that match best with his personality? Here are the 4 perfumes ideal for the LIBRA man.

Perfumes and Zodiac Signs: the LIBRA man

For the Libra man who likes to take care of himself and loves to feel desired. As a good seducer he’ll look at himself a few times in the mirror before going out and will carefully weigh every detail of his attire. These four perfumes are the ones we at DIVAIN recommend for a detail-oriented man like him.

DIVAIN-013, perfume similar to Rochas Man by Rochas

Feeling good about yourself is very important and with this fragrance it’s guaranteed. Full of contrasts, since it’s classical and at the same time contemporary. Perfect for those Libra adventurers who always have their feet planted firmly on the ground.

Olfactive Family: Woody Season: Winter Intensity 2 Recommended Use: Night-time

DIVAIN-225, perfume similar to Azzaro Chrome by Azzaro

This is a perfume for the family man who enjoys spending time with his loved ones. He knows how to create an atmosphere of harmony around himself which this fragrance will complement wonderfully.

Olfactive Family: Citrus Season: Summer Intensity 2 Recommended Use: Daytime

DIVAIN-203, perfume similar to Egoiste Platinum EDT by Chanel

With his bright personality and the great gifts of persuasion that characterize him, this perfume will fit him like a glove. This woody fragrance will be his perfect companion and will make him stand out even more, if that’s possible.

Olfactive Family: Woody Season: Spring Intensity 2 Recommended Use: Daytime

DIVAIN-025, perfume similar to Armani Code by Armani

If a Libra man intends to go out at night to seduce a woman, this is the perfume he needs. A sensual, provocative and elegant fragrance which won’t go unnoticed by any woman who crosses his path.

Olfactive Family: Oriental Season: Winter Intensity 2 Recommended Use: Night-time

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