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History of Lacoste, the crocodile brand

If the Lacoste brand is known for something, it is for its famous logo, the crocodile. It is difficult to think of these animals without identifying them with the French brand. But this one goes far beyond its logo.

And, since it was founded in 1923 by the French tennis player René Lacoste, Lacoste has earned international recognition for the elegance and versatility patented in each and every one of its products, ranging from clothing to perfumes. , cosmetics, body creams, facial creams and accessories.

Its curious logo is due to the nickname of the founder, who was nicknamed "crocodile" (crocodile in French) since on one occasion he wore a garment made with crocodile skin. As a result of that, he had a crocodile embroidered on his tennis jacket, in order to differentiate himself and attract the attention of commentators and the public.

His eau de parfum line began in 1968, when Lacoste partnered with famed perfume creator Jean Patou. The first launch was the Eau de Toilette Lacoste fragrance, and it was the first line of non-fashion products that the brand created.

All his creations are chic and elegant but very wearable, due to their comfort and simplicity in their lines. No extravagances. Their slogan was until 2010 “Un Peu d’Air sur Terre” (A little air for the Earth), showing that they were a breath of fresh air in the world of fashion. In that same year they simplified it to "Unconventional Chic", much more direct and in order to modernize and make the brand a little more daring and less traditional.

The best Lacoste perfumes for women

Lacoste perfumes for women are characterized by their freshness, purity and spontaneity; with a touch of sensuality. Two of the most famous and best-selling are Lacoste pour Femme (DIVAIN-510) and the bestseller Touch of Pink (DIVAIN-132).The first one is a true representation of the brand, as it is ideal for sophisticated and elegant women but off-road users; for women who love and need fresh fragrances in their daily lives that give them an extra boost of vitality.

The second, Touch of Pink is one of Lacoste's best-selling fragrances for women in recent years, as it is an ode to youth, joy and optimism. Fresh and sweet, it is ideal for girls who go around the world smiling and with an excessive illusion, for those who see the world as rosy.

The best Lacoste perfumes for men

Lacoste perfumes for men are also in tune with the aforementioned characteristics, as they are fresh and invigorating. However, the creator of the brand was a famous tennis player, so he wanted his perfumes to be the best complement for vital, energetic and sports-loving men. We highlight the following:

  • Match Point from Lacoste (DIVAIN-311),as its name suggests, is a tribute to the world of tennis, which the brand's creator loved so much. One of the freshest and most sparkling perfumes on the market, every man who wears it will feel like a real winner.r.
  • Challenge from Lacoste (DIVAIN-256) is pure energy, an eau de parfum that helps men overcome all their daily challenges with flying colors.
  • Lacoste pour Homme from Lacoste (DIVAIN-026) is one of the reference perfumes for elegant but sporty men, for those who go to the gym first thing in the morning but then have to put on a suit to go to work.
  • Eau de Lacoste L.12.12. White from Lacoste (DIVAIN-046) White from Lacoste (DIVAIN-046) is an ideal eau de parfum for the youngest, for those who want to differentiate themselves and be very elegant but without having to resort to the typical classic aromas.

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