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The world of fashion would not be the same without the --- house and, especially, without its creator: Coco ---. The French designer, turned into an icon, revolutionized the design and the vision that until then was had of the elegance and the sophistication.

---: the story behind her perfume

Coco --- was not limited to designing clothes. With her creations, she was shaping and transmitting a way of being, of understanding life. In this desire to convey style beyond fashion, she knew that perfume was key to achieving it. Hence, phrases such as "perfume announces the arrival of a woman and lengthens her march" or "a woman without perfume is a woman without a future" are attributed to him.

With this philosophy, and after verifying that there was no fragrance that conveyed the new type of woman that she represented and that was the smell of love, she created in 1921 one of the most iconic perfumes in history that, despite being a century old , is still the epitome of good taste and luxury: --- No. 5. After this enormous success in the world of haute perfumery, many more would come, making the masion one of the leading perfume houses.

--- perfume for women

As with its fashion collections, the --- house designs perfumes for a sophisticated woman who is clear about what she wants and who is not afraid to stand out. Some of her most desired creations are:

  • Coco Mademoiselle: One of its most popular fragrances, it is designed for young, sophisticated and sexy women. Its oriental notes give it presence without being excessive, making it ideal to wear during the day.
  • Chance: This perfume is a proposal far from the most representative aromas of the brand, designed as a fresh and light perfume for the younger audience.
  • Coco Eau de Parfum by ---: Turned into a modern classic, this perfume with oriental notes inspired by the city of Venice, is elegant and sophisticated, a safe bet on par with the first perfume in its history.
  • Coco Noir: Inspired by the fascination that the French designer felt for Venice, a port halfway between East and West, this perfume is inspired by the contrasts of Baroque art, being both enigmatic and fresh.

--- perfume for men

As with women, the man for whom --- creates her perfumes is elegant and sophisticated, a lover of luxury and personal care. Some of her most recognized fragrances are:

  • Allure pour Homme: A bestseller, this fragrance with oriental and woody notes is warm and balanced, ideal to wear during the day.
  • Antaeus: Referring to the heroes of Greek mythology, this perfume has strength and presence, and is intended to represent masculine values.
  • Egoiste Platinum: It is undoubtedly the freshest men's perfume in the house, it transmits the timeless elegance ideal for the man who seeks new experiences and is not afraid to take risks.

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