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Amouage, the brand that pays tribute to the luxury of the Middle East

The origins of the Amouage brand come from royalty. And it is that its creator was a member of the Omani royal family, the Sultan of Oman Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud al-bu Said. His dream was to recover the splendor of Arab perfumery, in which this land had caused a lot of influence, since in times the land of Oman was the source of exotic aromas and incredible incenses. Thus, Amouage was born with the intention of being a benchmark in the world of niche perfume.

Thus, in 1983, Amouage was born, a name that comes from the Arabic expression "amwaj" (which means waving) and Amour (love in French). It is a brand that defines itself as a creator of niche perfumes, that is, of the highest and exquisite quality. This is what the Amouage logo makes known, which resembles the pendant that the most powerful sultan in the entire East would wear.

The best Amouage perfumes

Amouage parfums perfectly combine the mystery, sensuality and power of the Orient, with French romance, class and refinement. Some of the never-lacking components of Amouage fragrances are high-quality ingredients endemic to this area of ​​the Middle East, such as Omani silver frankincense, Omani rose, and myrrh.

Among the Amouage perfumes for women, we highlight the Blossom Love eau de parfum by Amouage (DIVAIN-609), as it is one of the firm's best sellers. And it is not for less since it is a parfum that evokes secret love, but intense, pure and true. Exquisite and very special, this is Blossom Love by Amouage.

Another of the Omani brand's remarkable creations for women is undoubtedly Amouage Gold by Amouage (DIVAIN-519), an eau de parfum that exudes elegance, luxury and sophistication in each of its drops.

And finally, one of the most remarkable Amouage eau de parfum for men is Epic Man de Amouage (DIVAIN-314), the ideal scent for an intrepid and adventurous man.

Buy Amouage perfumes online

Buying Amouage perfumes online is easier, more convenient and faster than ever thanks to DIVAIN, the benchmark equivalent perfume house throughout Europe. We have more than 600 fragrances, being specialized in launching equivalents of the world of niche perfume and discontinued perfumes; that after all, they are the fragrances most sought after by all lovers of the world of perfume.

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