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Byredo, the avant-garde in niche perfumery

Byredo is one of the perfume brands that have been causing the most talk in recent years. And it is that, despite its recent creation (it was founded in 2006) the art and vision of its founder, Ben Gorham, have made it become a reference and one of the most avant-garde and revolutionary houses in the world. of the perfumery.

And this desire to innovate is due to the origins of the designer, that although he is Swedish by birth, his mother comes from India and his father from Canada. This cultural convergence enriched him tremendously and gave him greater vision and creativity.

Although Gorham ended up in the world of perfumery by chance, since he studied art but after his meeting with perfumer Pierre Wulff he discovered his passion for aromas; their modern eau de parfum have caused a sensation in the market.

The best Byredo perfumes

Byredo eau de parfum are characterized by being very simple in terms of their composition, but yes, those few ingredients are so carefully selected and are such unusual combinations that they are groundbreaking.

Minimalist and modern, these are some of the ones that will surprise you the most:

Blanche de Byredo (DIVAIN-625): Blanche de Byredo is pure, fresh, the representation of Scandinavian minimalism. Ideal for women who love to feel refreshed and refreshed.

Gypsy Water by Byredo (DIVAIN-245): Byredo Gypsy Water is an ode to freedom. Fresh and from the woody olfactory family, this unisex eau de parfum makes anyone who wears it feel good.

Mojave Ghost by Byredo (DIVAIN-246): One of the most unique eau de parfum out there, Mojave Ghost, an eau de parfum that is also unisex. Strong but delicate, sparkling but warm. A delight.

Buy Byredo perfumes at the best price

Like any fragrance belonging to the world of niche perfumes, the price of a Byredo perfume is high. For this reason, at DIVAIN we want to democratize the world of perfume and make all these exclusive eau de parfum reach your hands without investing too much in them.

For only 17.95 euros you can get 100 ml of one of these delicious and special aromas.

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