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The Italian house has been the world's leading exponent of luxury and haute couture design for more than a century. But not only the clothes he designs have become a must every season for the celebrities who step on the red carpet, in addition, Gucci has also established itself as a reference brand in haute perfumery.

His story

From his earliest childhood, Guccio Gucci had a predilection for luxury items and the glamor that surrounds him, and he not only wanted to surround himself with them, he wanted to create them. That was the reason that led him to open his establishment in Florence in 1921, where he sold leather accessories designed and made completely by himself. The style and quality of the pieces that he made soon began to gain popularity, so he soon began to create and market a wide range of bags, suitcases, belts, ties and other accessories that stood out for their exclusivity and sophistication.

After opening branches of the brand in Europe, Gucci goes international and makes the leap to the big apple. Across the Atlantic, Hollywood stars and the jet set begin an affair with the brand that lasts to this day, making it an object of desire for luxury lovers across the globe.

Elegance and sensuality in the Gucci colognes

When Gucci managed to position itself globally as a brand synonymous with class and exclusivity, it decided to synthesize its essence into a fragrance. This is how in 1974 he launched his first perfume: Gucci Nº1. It was put on sale in the brand's stores around the world and the first Gucci fragrance for women became a hit almost instantly, becoming a modern classic in the world of perfumery.

Since then, the Italian house has created perfumes that have elegance and sensuality as a sign of identity. From the hand of great perfumers, Gucci perfume is associated with exclusivity, giving that touch of luxury to each of the more than 50 fragrances that it has launched on the market.

Gucci perfumes for women

The fragrances that Gucci has created over the years for women are extremely feminine and sensual. As with its fashion designs, the Italian house includes among its olfactory notes novel ingredients that give rise to surprising and unique aromas, quickly ranking at the top of the best sellers. Some of them are:

  • Envy Me from Gucci: Launched in 2004, this fruity floral scent is fresh and lively, with notes of pineapple, peony, mango, pomegranate, and lychee.
  • Guilty from Gucci: This perfume for provocative women has sweet notes with a spicy touch, creating a daring and bold scent.
  • Bloom from Gucci: Imagine a walk through a garden full of blooming jasmine and tuberose and you will have this perfume of white flowers, feminine and powdery.

Perfumes for men

Gucci designs men 's perfumes that convey the good taste and elegance of the 21st century gentleman, cosmopolitan, but with a classic sophistication that never goes out of style. Among them, Gucci Guilty for Men,  stands out, which thanks to its citrus and woody notes is perfect for daily use, providing seduction and versatility..

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