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Mancera perfumes: only suitable for the most exquisite noses.

One of the lesser-known perfume brands is Mancera, but that does not mean that it is not excellent and of high quality. Nothing could be further from the truth. And is that despite having been founded in the year 2008, his creations are worthy of being of the most emblematic perfume houses in the world.

What is the reason for this statement? Its creator is none other than the famous perfumer Pierre Montale, creator of the haute perfumery brand, Montale. Both brands specialise in niche perfumes, although Mancera is exclusively aimed at satisfying the needs of noses that love the most intense perfumes.

The brand wants to be an ode to French refinement but without being what is expected of it. Never boring, always innovative. It makes creations that, although they may seem eccentric at first, end up being a real discovery, a before and after for lovers of the world of perfumery.

The reviews of Mancera perfumes are always positive, as they leave no one indifferent.

The best fragrances of Mancera

This intensity is achieved to perfection in Mancera's entire collection of perfumes, which also combine the best of the West (as Montale is an expert in French perfumery) with the tradition of the East. The perfumer knows these traditions well, having lived for many years in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Although all his perfumes are characterised by luxury, exclusivity, innovation and sophistication, there are two that are particularly delicious and intoxicating. Even for the most demanding noses.

  • On the one hand, Roses Vanille from Mancera (DIVAIN-670) is a perfume for women that takes vanilla to a new level of exquisiteness. It takes it away from the clichés, making it go from being the sweet element we are used to to an exclusive and unique ingredient. How does it achieve this? Thanks to its combination with roses, lemon, white musk and cedar, among many others. A sensation that will awaken even your most dormant senses.
  • Red Tobacco by Mancera (DIVAIN-330) is another of the perfumes that have marked a before and after in the world of perfumery. This unisex fragrance does not fall into what a tobacco fragrance should be, but plays and experiments with this ingredient, mixing it with others as unique as white pear, nutmeg or saffron. Wouldn't you have never thought of this combination? Fortunately, Pierre Montale would.

Where to buy Mancera neighbourhoods

If you want to buy the best eau de parfum of the French brand without going broke, you have to turn to DIVAIN, the leading brand of perfumery equivalence in the European market. Get the most exclusive Mancera products at the best price.

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