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At DIVAIN we have a mission as a Company that goes beyond the creation and sale of perfumes. We believe that commitment to Society is very important and we aim to do our bit in creating a better world for everyone. This is why we are committed to social causes and want to contribute by supporting different associations that make life easier for those who need it most.

International Cerebral Palsy Day

6th October

Cerebral Palsy: We take care of those who need it

40% of the sales on International World Cerebral Palsy day will be donated to those affected by this Condition and other neurological conditions through The Brain Charity.

Based in Liverpool and established in 1993, The Brain Charity provides practical help, emotional support and social activities to anyone living with a neurological condition, as well as their family, friends and carers. There are over 600 neurological conditions in total and the brain Charity endeavours to be here for every single one of them. The impact of a diagnosis can be devastating and wide-ranging. Our mission is to provide activities, advice and support that improves people’s wellbeing and quality of life. 

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Solidarity purchase at DIVAIN

21st September


El 40% de las ventas del día internacional del alzheimer se destina a la ayuda a los afectados por esta enfermedad.

On #WorldAlzheimersDay at DIVAIN we promise to donate 20% of the sales to non profit organisations that fight against this disease that affects millions of people all over the world. If you are thinking of buying one of our perfumes, do it today and help this good cause. Together we can beat Alzheimers!

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Solidarity purchase at DIVAIN

21st March


El 20% de las ventas del pasado día 21 de marzo de 2020 se destinan a la asociación Down España.

20% of the sales made on 21st March will be used to support non-profit entities that help and support those affected by Down Syndrome throughout their life from birth.

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