5 Sample Pack Kilian Sensual Limited Edition

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Pack of 5 DIVAIN Samples (3ml X 5uds)

Closed pack of 5 samples of 3ml each. DIVAIN pre-release. Discover the feeling of Kilian. get ahead of the launch of these fragrances and open the doors to a new world of sensations. Different, bold, with character, sensual and inimitable.

If you want to know the complete collection, add the DIVAIN-P030 and DIVAIN-P032 to your cart

This pack exclusively includes:

DIVAIN-905: similar to I Don't Need A Prince By My Side To Be A Princess by Kilian | UNISEX

DIVAIN-907: similar to Voulez-vous coucher avec moi by Kilian | UNISEX

DIVAIN-915: similar to Rolling in Love by Kilian | UNISEX

DIVAIN-916: similar to Bamboo Harmony by Kilian | UNISEX

DIVAIN-918: similar to Moonlight in Heaven by Kilian | UNISEX

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