Oriental perfumes: The exoticism of the world of aromas

We have talked on other occasions about the classification of perfumes. It was over 100 years ago when the French Perfume Society (Société Francaise des Perfumeurs) defined the principal olfactory groups, or families, in which all perfumes are grouped, and these are being filled out as new olfactive notes appear. There are seven in total: citrus, floral, oriental, leather, fougére, chypre and woody.

Today we will be talking about the oriental family. Even the word oriental evokes mysticism and transports us to faraway worlds, with landscapes of dreams and fantasy, which is why the effect of surprise and originality is one of the main characteristics of this type of aromas. And that’s why the perfumes that belong to this family are ideal for those who are looking for different aromas.


The oriental family is also known as spicy or amber, and is divided in three sub-families: oriental, soft oriental suave y woody oriental. Although they generally tend to be feminine aromas, those with woody touches tend to be creations oriented toward men and are heavier than those of the other sub-families.

The principal characteristic of these aromas is that their composition is formed by elements and substances that are found in the orient, from which comes its name. The fragrances in this family tend to incorporate in their composition balsamic oils, vanillas, resins; spices like cloves, basil, saffron, pepper or cardamom; woods like amber wood and musk wood; or flowers, like the orchid or lotus, among others.

Using these elements, unique aromas are achieved; special and attention-drawing, that grab the attention from the first moment that they are perceived. They tend to be intense and evoke sensuality and warmth, without failing to also have at times the sweet touches of amber or incense. They are without doubt perfect fragrances to use in the afternoon or at night, because of their strong composition.

Of course these are aromas that are only fitting for the most luxury-loving, who don’t hesitate to use an aroma to add sophistication, confidence and elegance to their daily outfits, not to mention the mysterious and seductive aura that they evoke whenever they pass by. An unequalled touch of distinction.



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