DIVAIN-196 inspired by

Tobacco Vanille from Tom Ford


Discover all the secrets of the perfume byTom Ford Tobacco Vanille
DIVAIN 196 imitation perfume by Divain
Give the similar fragrance Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford Unisex



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Perfume similar to Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

A natural and very select aroma, not fitted for just anyone. The fragrance is inspired by the elegant delights of old London with its streets and stores. A perfume that is difficult to confuse with any other.

Fragrance Family: Oriental Spicy

Intensity: High

Season: Winter

Recommended use: Night

Olfactory notes.

HEAD: tobacco leaves and spicy notes. II HEART: tonka bean, tobacco flower, vanilla and cocoa. II BASE: nuts and woody notes.


100 ml




The perfumes that Tom Ford creates are fragrance jewels that cannot be compared to any other scent. The designer launched a fragrance with scent notes that had never been seen before and that delight lovers of different and explosive fragrance. Tobacco Vanille, created in 2007, follows Ford's trend of devising creations for select palates.

Essences of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille perfume

There are two protagonists in this unisex perfume: tobacco leaves and cocoa. This contrasting blend to which spicy, sweet and woody touches are added, results in an Eau de Parfum radically different from all current proposals for men and women. Its top notes start off with a strong delivery thanks to the tobacco leaves and spicy notes announcing that this is not a suitable product for everyone, you have to have charisma and a strong personality. Its heart notes add a sweet spot through the delivery of tonka bean, vanilla and cocoa, which is accompanied by the tobacco flower. Finally, the nuts and woody notes of its base notes allow its trail to be sensual and elegant.

History of Tobacco Vanille

Tom Ford, renowned for creating unisex perfumes that quickly become iconic, was inspired by one of his favourite cities: London. The blend of scents that flow into English private gentlemen's clubs was the spark that made him create this powerful, opulent and unique fragrance.

18,86 € 26,95 €

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