Do you know what a niche perfume is?

erfumes don’t only dress our skin, they also say a lot about our personality. That’s why we usually look for a perfume that we like and identify with, and that is something different and special.

In order to achieve this, we need to enter into the territory of what is called niche or signature perfumery. In this territory we can find exclusive, artisan, original and high-quality aromas; aromas that are far from being simply commercially oriented, like we find with the majority of perfume makers, who use large publicity campaigns and produce aromas that are oriented towards the massive general public.

Exclusive audience

Niche perfumery is so named because its space in the market is small, and it invests very little in publicity, since it is a product that tends to “sell itself.” A niche brand doesn’t look for you, you look for it. That’s why you tend to find them in single sales outlets, carefully chosen and oriented towards the buyer who is looking for a perfume that is different and outside the normal trends. And a signature perfume, as its name indicates, includes in its production the creativity, originality and freedom of the perfume maker that created it. That’s why it’s a work of art destined for a limited number or clients who know how to appreciate the singularity of these aromas, focused on the true essence of what a perfume is.

Another of its principal characteristics is its prime ingredients and essences, which distance themselves from the conventional and are of a higher quality than those of commercial perfumes. Also, they aren’t produced in massive quantities, which means that the likelihood of running into another person who uses it is much smaller.

Niche perfumery definitely deals with the creation of truly special and unique creations that invite you to discover new brands and new olfactory registers. Its prices can vary: sometimes they are similar to other commercial brands, and other times they are much higher.

It is always a good idea to experiment in the fascinating universe of signature aromas, because finding your niche perfume is an experience unlike any other. You know it when you find it, because it awakes in you an incomparable sensation that can only be understood in stories and sensations.

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