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Molecule 01 from Escentric Molecules


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Everything about the perfume Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules Unisex for your skin



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Perfume similar to Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

This fragrance is made up of only one single molecule, which means its aroma is linear and doesn’t change over time. Its aroma will vary depending on the pH of your skin, improving your natural perfume.

Fragrance Family: Musk Floral Woody

Intensity: Medium

Season: Spring

Recommended use: Day

Olfactory notes

Iso E Super


100 ml




There are perfumes that become icons from the moment they are launched. This is the case with Molecule 01 and the appearance of a radical and revolutionary new concept that shook the perfume industry. This first and impressive creation of the Escentric Molecules brand surprised the world of fragrance by being such a simple and yet complex perfume at the same time, that it was impossible to compare it with any other fragrance or brand on the market: it is composed of a single ingredient, a single fragrance molecule that is synthetic.

Molecule 01, the perfume with special effects

Molecule 01 is an extraordinary perfume created by the escentirc molecules brand. Not only is its formulation fascinating, its only ingredient has a captivating behaviour. It is uncontrollable, in that it appears and disappears sporadically. After the first few drops of the fragrance you can perceive the velvety note that it leaves on the skin, only for it to disappear a few minutes later and to be noticed again a couple of hours later with overwhelming force. This almost science fiction like characteristic of the brands fragrance makes it unique, even within the already original niche perfumes range, and is one of the reasons why the escentric molecules brand has gained more interest and fans.

Composition of Molecule 01 from Escentric Molecules

The composition of the first perfume of the London brand is scandalously simple, it has only one ingredient: ISO E Super. This synthetic molecule, created in 1973, was widely used in the world of perfumery. The enveloping effect and the velvety note that it gives to the fragrances has made it present in many perfumes for men and women, especially in the base notes and in low concentration perfume.

After smelling the isolated molecule, Genza Schoen, creator of Escentric Molecules, realised that this was the ingredient that most appealed to him and that it was the common denominator of the perfumes he liked the most. Experimenting with different concentrations for the perfume, he reduced the composition of what would be his star fragrance to a single element, the ISO E Super molecule. Molecule 01 quickly became a bestseller in the perfume world despite, or perhaps because of, its simple formulation. It is a whimsical creation that is not as linear as one might expect and it has a delivery of scent that is always surprising.

Tips for use and recommendations

Molecule 01 is very versatile, perfect to use on all occasions. Its apparent simplicity makes this unisex fragrance a staple in the wardrobe of every perfume lover. The fickleness of the brands first fragrance can make you feel like you haven't used a Scent, but don't be fooled. A few sprays in the warmest areas of the body is enough (wrists, neck, behind the ears, elbows) and let this original aroma evolve over the following hours.

20,21 € 26,95 €

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