We give you the keys to not fail with your Christmas looks

There are a lot of celebrations that accompany us during the month of December: celebrations with friends, with family and with co-workers… and that’s why we try to have the perfect look for each of the celebrations. For that reason, and so that you don’t get discouraged if you run out of ideas, we’ll give you the keys to be the coolest guy or girl in the holiday gatherings.


For Christmas Eve we suggest a dark-coloured jumpsuit. A comfortable and elegant choice that, with night-time makeup, a gold-coloured accessory and shoes with a festive touch, is sure to be a success.

For him, a suit would be the perfect choice. If the dinner is very formal you can opt for a red or green tie, something very festive. If, on the other hand, it is more relaxed, you can take off the jacket when you arrive and just wear the shirt, with or without a tie.


A Christmas meal allows for a more relaxed look. For her we suggest plain pants or a plain skirt with some knit garment with metallic touches. Simple accessories and red lips will be enough for her to shine with her own light.

For him, a thick sweater with a turnover collar is one of the most comfortable bets for this day with so much hustle and bustle. Combine it with plain pants or dark jeans and some nice Chelsea boots.


The last night of the year is the right moment to exude the highest grade of elegance and sophistication.

For this reason, we suggest a long dress in dark colours with black stilettos or gold-coloured sandals. If, on the other hand, you love glitter, go with sequins in any version: a short or long dress, pants… Anything goes!

For him we suggest the classic well-cut blue suit in the case of more informal celebrations. For formal parties the dinner jacket is the option that can never fail.


Of course a good perfume can never go wrong. For her we suggest DIVAIN-063, similar to J’Adore by Dior, which projects opulence and the love of luxury, and is for the very elegant and sophisticated woman. It is sophistication in its purest form.

For him, DIVAIN-025, similar to Code by Armani, ideal for the provocative and elegant modern man, a sure bet that can’t fail in any respectable holiday celebration.

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