The Best Perfumes to give this Christmas for him and for her

A gift of perfume is one of the most popular options for a large majority of people at this time of the year: useful, elegant and always a great bet if we know how to choose well.

Although it is a very personal choice, and sometimes it isn’t easy to choose the best option, we’ll give you some keys and suggestions so that your gift can be a success.

Reasons to give perfume this Christmas

Why is an equivalent fragrance a perfect gift?  Giving a perfume to someone at Christmas is a popular choice and below we list 4 reasons why you should choose perfumes for your gifts this year.

1. Perfumes can adapt to your budget.

Choose an imitation fragrance and you won’t have to go over budget. Whatever you choose, you’re going to get good quality and a long-lasting scent.

2. Surprise him or her with the scent and the packaging.

Your surprise doesn't have to be all about the sent. DIVAIN perfumes come in beautiful packaging with bottles that leave no room to envy even the top brands.

3. Perfume is a romantic and intimate gift.

A perfume can be even more than a romantic and intimate gift for the person you love. After all, you will be choosing a very personal essence for him or her. And of course, in our catalogue you’ll find an infinite number of options, to suit everyone, from teenagers to older adults.

4. Perfume is a practical gift.

It’s something that they will use every day and it will make them think of you every time they use it and whenever they smell this fragrance.

Perfumes for Women

Many will be running around looking for the perfect gift. Don't you remember that a perfume is the best gift for these dates? It is what women want, a perfume that accompanies them every day.

The best perfumes to gift to women this christmas


1. For Unique Women

DIVAIN-588 |  Perfume similar to The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana: A new fragrance in our catalogue for the unique and one-of-a kind woman, ready for anything. It’s perfect if she likes a perfume with a sweet base.

2. For the optimist

DIVAIN-093 | Perfume similar to La Vida es Bella by Lancôme: For the woman who sees life through the best eyes, who values beauty and appreciates the details. Intense and floral, a sure bet.

3. For the woman who knows what she wants

DIVAIN-167 | Perfume similar to Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent: An addictive sweet vanilla fragrance. Ideal for the woman who doesn’t let herself get carried along by her destiny; she knows what she wants and she goes after it.

4. For the fighter

DIVAIN-589 | Perfume similar to Solo Loewe Ella by Loewe: This oriental, floral fragrance is perfect for the woman who fights for her dreams, independent and decisive.

5. For the travelling woman

DIVAIN-113 | Perfume similar to Escale a Portofino by Dior: A fragrance full of positive energy, calmness and serenity. It’s citric, and therefore fresh and perfect for any occasion.

6. For women with class

DIVAIN-165 | Perfume equivalent to Eau du Soir by Sisley: For a woman with a lot of class we suggest, a scent that pays homage to femininity. His inspiration from her? a sunset in the gardens of the Alcázar of Seville.

7. For seductive women

DIVAIN-106 | Perfume equivalent to Chanel # 5: Impossible to forget Marilyn Monroe when she confessed that she only slept with a few drops of Chanel number 5. A seductive, elegant and sensual aroma.  For the flirtiest of women.

8. For the most Flirtatious

DIVAIN-080 | Perfume equivalent to Insolence by Guerlain: For the most flirtatious of the house, a scent with a fruity and daring touch that never goes unnoticed.

Fragrances for Men

We’ve made a careful selection of men’s perfumes that vary between new releases and the old classics. 

1. For the charismatic

DIVAIN-295 | Perfume equivalent to Noir Extreme by Tom Ford: Pure sensuality in a masculine version, this perfume is new to our catalogue. It’s an oriental, woody fragrance that stands out and differs from the rest because of it has lots of personality.

2. For the fragrance amateur

DIVAIN-222 | Perfume equivalent to Sauvage by Dior: It’s hard to fail with a fragrance like this one. Perfect for the man who is an amateur when it comes to perfumes, inspired by great open spaces, fresh and easy to use in any part of the year.

3. For lovers of freshness

DIVAIN-027 | Perfume equivalent to Aqua di Gio by Armani:  For many, this is their go to fragrance. A perfume that belongs to the aquatic olfactory family, it contains all the freshness of the sea. Easy to wear and hard to forget.

4. For travellers

DIVAIN-039 | Perfume equivalent to Terre de Hermès: One of the most-sold from our catalogue, for good reason. Ideal for adventurous men and lovers of nature.

5. For lovers of luxury

DIVAIN-200 | Perfume equivalent to Bleu de Chanel: Unconventional, a fragrance that represents luxury and freedom. A woody perfume, perfect for an elegant date.

6. For the all rounder

DIVAIN-228 | Perfume equivalent to Creed by Aventus: Another of the stars of our catalogue with a large number of loyal fans. It is not a conventional fragrance, but it is very versatile, ideal for any occasion.

7. For the most classic

DIVAIN-048 | Perfume equivalent to Fahrenheit by Dior: It is a woody fragrance, which mixes strength and refinement in equal parts. Extremely elegant and will fascinate everyone.

8. For the youngest

DIVAIN-018 | Perfume equivalent to Allure Sport by Chanel: A young, masculine and fresh scent that is impossible to fail with.


Reasons to give a perfume as a gift this christmas



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