The best perfumes to give for Christmas for her and for him

A gift of perfume is one of the most popular options for a large majority of people at this time of the year: useful, elegant and always a great bet if we know how to choose well.

Although it is a very personal choice, and sometimes it isn’t easy to choose the best option, we’ll give you some keys and suggestions so that your gift can be a success:

Intense perfumes

Winter and the Christmas holidays are conducive to choosing the most intense perfumes.

Surprise her with an aroma that evokes the glamour of Hollywood with DIVAIN-050, similar to The One by Dolce & Gabbana, perfect for the unique woman, passionate and with a spontaneous and magnetic personality.

The intense and spicy aroma of DIVAIN-223, similar to The Scent by Hugo Boss, is without doubt one of the surest bets, charged with personality, fitting for lovers of fragrances that leave their mark.

Luxurious aromas

Luxurious aromas are always a sure bet. Who doesn’t want to exude glamour at every corner that she passes?

For her we suggest DIVAIN-165, the perfume similar to Eau du Soir by Sisley, an aroma that pays homage to femininity, ideal for the woman with lots of class. Its inspiration? An afternoon in the gardens of the Alcázar of Seville.

Bet on DIVAIN-012, similar to Esencia by Loewe, modern and elegant, to surprise the active, cosmopolitan man, seductive and with character. An intense fragrance and very masculine with which you can’t go wrong. 

Classic perfumes

When in doubt the classics always work. They indicate good taste, class and that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that is so longed for and that we all want to make a part of our gifts.

For her we suggest DIVAIN-106, the perfume similar to Chanel nº5. It’s impossible to forget when Marilyn Monroe confessed that she only went to sleep with some drops of Chanel nº5. A seductive, elegant and sensual aroma.

For him, DIVAIN-048, similar to Fahrenheit by Dior, is a woody perfume which mixes strength and refinement in equal parts. Tremendously elegant and captivating to all. 

For the youngest

Let’s not forget the youngest ones in the house, who tend to opt for more original and fresh aromas. 

For them we suggest DIVAIN-018, similar to Allure Sport by Chanel, a youthful, masculine and fresh aroma with which it is impossible to fail.

For the most flirtatious in the house bet on DIVAIN-080, similar to Insolence by Guerlain, an aroma with a fruity and daring touch that never goes unnoticed.


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