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The history of one of the most iconic brands in the world of fashion, DKNY (the acronym for Donna Karan New York) dates back to 1984, when design expert Donna Karan decided to take a step forward in her career by founding her own brand. .

Although at first she specialized in fashion, her entrepreneurial and determined nature led her to expand her business lines to the field of accessories, the world of beauty, home, clothing and perfumery. Its first fragrance was launched in 1992 and since then it has not stopped reaping success with its aromas.

The perfumes of this brand perfectly represent the vision of the American designer: combining comfort and practicality with the most exclusive luxury. And they are inspired, of course, by the city that never sleeps, since it is the favorite place of the American designer.

The most successful DKNY perfumes

Donna Karan perfumes are characterized by their urban and casual style. Very sexy and vital. They are a breath of fresh air for the lucky ones who smell them.

Although citrus fruits are usually among its components, each of its fragrances is completely different and has its own personality, something that they also confer on their wearers. And this is somewhat complicated, since its collection amounts to more than 100 scents, although two of the most prominent are:

  • Be Delicious from Donna Karan (DKNY) (DIVAIN-052): There is no fragrance that better embodies the dreamy and daring spirit of New York City in summer. Belonging to the fruity floral olfactory family, its aroma is so delicious that it will tempt you to the point that it will make you want to devour it. 
  • DKNY from Donna Karan (DKNY) (DIVAIN-110): And if Be Delicious is the fragrance for New York in summer, DKNY is the fragrance that represents New Yorkers at all times of the year. And it is that they have a special aura, an incredible vitality and desire to take over the world, as well as a dynamic and impeccable style. Dare to try it and you will feel one of them!

Buy Donna Karan perfumes (DKNY) online

If you want to buy a DKNY eau de parfum, the best place to go is not a physical store, no. It is the largest online equivalency perfume store in Europe, DIVAIN.

These scents are so revitalizing that they appeal to everyone, making them a perfect gift at any time of the year.

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