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Kilian, extravagant, daring and unexpected perfumes

Kilian is a brand of niche perfumes characterised by their exclusivity, originality and high quality. Addictive and modern fragrances designed with great detail that tell extraordinary stories to feel life in a different way. Genuine temptations that will drive you crazy.

Kilian Hennessy, the perfumer behind the brand

The creator of the Kilian brand of perfumes is the entrepreneur Kilian Hennessy, grandson of the founder of the LVMH group with which he shared the same name. After completing his studies in communication and information sciences in Paris, he began his training in the world of perfumery, learning from great masters such as Jaques Cavallier and Calice Becker.

Shortly after working for renowned perfume houses such as Dior and Armani, Kilian set out to create his own brand of niche perfumes. Luxury and elegance surround these fragrances inspired by the aromas of the liqueurs from the family cellars in which Kilian spent so much time during his childhood. Full of personality and character, they immerse you in a new world of aromas for a totally different sensory experience.

Price of Kilian perfumes

Being a luxury perfume, the prices of Kilian fragrances are not affordable for everyone. To give you an idea, those with a lower price range between €100 and €200, while some can reach over €300.

Best Kilian perfumes

Each Kilian perfume tells a different story that excites and arouses feelings. Here are some of Kilian's most sought-after scents. Bold, extravagant and totally unexpected they will make you live a unique olfactory experience.

Black Phantom (DIVAIN-913)

Inspired by the pirates' favourite drink, Black Phantom (DIVAIN-913) will take you on an unforgettable voyage across the seven seas. An explosion of surprising aromas such as rum, chocolate or coffee that will captivate all your senses.

Good Girl Gone (DIVAIN-917)

This proposal for women is pure elegance, delicacy and freshness. A floral cocktail full of contrasts where good and evil come together to create a limitless addiction that you won't want to let go of. Good Girl Gone (DIVAIN-917) is a unique olfactory experience.

Moonlight in Heaven (DIVAIN-918)

Like a light in the middle of the darkest night, the perfume Moonlight in Heaven by Kilian (DIVAIN-918) is a revolution of exotic aromas where notes of grapefruit, coconut and mango blend with a background of vetiver and tonka bean that will awaken all your senses.

Pure Oud (DIVAIN-919)

Pure Oud (DIVAIN-919) is a tribute to one of the most desired ingredients in the world of perfume. Elegance and distinction envelop this incredible Kilian equivalence fragrance that will undoubtedly conquer your heart. A perfect reinterpretation of oud that blends with other natural ingredients to create something totally different and exciting.

Love, Don't Be Shy (DIVAIN-906)

Finally, another of Kilian's iconic fragrances is undoubtedly Love, Don't Be Shy (DIVAIN-906). In it, an elegant rose heart merges with an exquisite gourmand base of sugar, caramel and vanilla. Innocence and sweetness captured in a single bottle.

Buy Kilian equivalence perfumes at the best price

If you want to discover the exceptional aromas of Kilian in an economical way, the best option is to opt for their equivalents. At DIVAIN we have a great selection of the best Kilian perfumes that belong to the Black Edition, our most exclusive and limited collection. Get your favourites now and enjoy these unique and irreverent fragrances, luxury at your fingertips!

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