Back to school, children’s similar eau de colognes for the new school year

It’s not only adults who like to smell good. Kids also love to smell great and enjoy the moment of “making themselves pretty/handsome,” by spraying themselves well with cologne.

In these days when our little ones are going around so nervous about going “back to school,” we at DIVAIN want to give you a little gift for their return to the classroom: a 3€ discount on all of our similar children’s colognes (only between 4 and 11 September).

Our aromas for children stand out for their freshness. They’re sweeter, but not sickly sweet.

Find among our selection of similar colognes for children the one that is best fitted to the personality of your little one.

We have something for every taste:

  • DIVAIN-901, similar to Baby Touch by Burberry, to share.