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Top with the best perfumes with oud

Top 10 perfumes with Oud, the scent of elegance

Oud, synonymous with luxury and elegance, is one of the most admired and desired ingredients in the world of perfumery. An exotic, peculiar and tremendously irresistible aroma that conquers the senses. If you have not yet tried it, in this post we tell you what are the best perfumes with oud for men, women and unisex. Elegant, warm and sensual aromas that will captivate you.

What is Oud in perfumery?

Oud is extracted from the wood of trees from Southeast Asia. When a certain type of fungus attacks these trees, they react by secreting a type of dark resin that covers the wood and gives it an intense and irresistible smell. From this resinous wood, the so-called oud is extracted.

The Arabs were the first to use oud for the manufacture of their perfumes decades ago. However, it was not until a few years ago when it arrived in Europe. Today it is a much admired exotic ingredient in perfumery with a woody, leathery and sweet scent that evokes luxury, elegance and sensuality.

Perfumes with oud wood for men, women and unisex

Top 10 irresistible oud perfumes

DIVAIN-305, similar to Oud Wood by Tom Ford

The TOP of the best perfumes with oud we want to release it with one of the most popular unisex fragrances. It's DIVAIN-305, similar to Oud Wood by Tom Ford, an exotic and oriental aroma in which oud wood merges with Brazilian rosewood to create an explosive output, which gives way to an irresistible heart of sandalwood and vetiver notes. Without a doubt, a choice that will catch all your senses.

DIVAIN-667, similar to Amber Aoud Parfum by Roja Dove

Warm, exotic and bold is our DIVAIN-667, similar to Roja Dove's Amber Aoud Parfum. An oriental-inspired unisex fragrance that will transport you to faraway paradises. Designed to shine, this eau de parfum begins with a citrus top note followed by a floral heart full of elegance, starring Mai rose and Grasse jasmine that ends in a woody and warm base of notes such as cinnamon, sandalwood, oud or musk.

DIVAIN-919, similar to Pure Oud by Kilian

In this top you can't miss one of the most desired jewels of the Black Edition: DIVAIN-919, similar to Pure Oud by Kilian. A perfect reinterpretation of oud combined with other natural essences such as gaiac wood or copaiba balsam to create an enveloping, unique and exclusive perfume.

DIVAIN-323, similar to Oud Wood Intense by Tom Ford

If you are looking for the best oud perfume for men may be that DIVAIN-323, similar to Oud Wood Intense by Tom Ford is what you are looking for. This fragrance, as intense as surprising, is for original, daring men, without fear of what they will say. A captivating scent of woody and oriental ingredients such as ginger, cypress or agarwood, made for the night.

What is oud in perfumery and best fragrances with this ingredient

DIVAIN-281, similar to Oud by Acqua Di Parma

DIVAIN-281, similar to Oud by Acqua Di Parma is a perfume with oud for men that represents luxury and elegance in a simple and traditional way. A strong essence and full of contrasts where its citrus notes of output provide a unique freshness that blends with the warmth of other woody ingredients such as oud wood or sandalwood.

DIVAIN-649, similar to Delina Exclusif de Parfums de Marly

Among the best perfumes for women with oud, we highlight DIVAIN-649, similar to Delina Exclusif by Parfums de Marly. A juicy accord with notes of lychee, pear and bergamot gives way to an oriental floral heart full of elegance starring Turkish rose, oud wood and incense. Different, fresh and very sensual, this powerful eau de parfum will make you live a sensory experience to remember.

DIVAIN-321, similar to Black Aoud by Montale

Discover the magic and the most enigmatic side of the Orient with this fragrance for men that invites you to take a journey through the different olfactory facets of oud. Browse through its different notes of Cambodian Oud and roses that intertwine perfectly with a heart of patchouli leaves from Indonesia and French labdanum that brings personality and warmth. Undoubtedly, DIVAIN-321, similar to Black Aoud by Montale  is a perfume to leave a mark.

DIVAIN-330, similar to Red Tobacco by Mancera

Bold, powerful and totally groundbreaking is this perfume with oud that will envelop you in a feeling of unparalleled warmth. DIVAIN-330, similar to Red Tobacco by Mancera (unisex) stands out for a cocktail of exotic and woody ingredients such as Madagascar vanilla, gaiac wood, Haitian vetiver or white musk that will tuck you in on the coldest winter nights. A dance of emotions that will awaken your passion and your most sensual side.

DIVAIN-347, similar to Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford

An addiction without limits inspired by the Middle East. This is the definition of our eau de parfum DIVAIN-347, similar to Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford (unisex), which combines a series of very unique ingredients that will not leave you indifferent. Its fresh whisky top notes make it totally unique. Strong and sensual, the background of this fragrance stands out for the notes of oud wood, the star ingredient that connects all the aromas.

DIVAIN-660, similar to Oud Ispahan by Dior

Elegant and captivating, this perfume is a veritable explosion of woody and oriental scents that offer freshness and warmth at the same time throughout the day. DIVAIN-660, similar to Oud Ispahan by Dior is characterized mainly by a heart of rose, patchouli and saffron topped with a base of oud, sandalwood and cedar. A feminine perfume to dazzle wherever you go.

Now that you know which are the best perfumes with notes of oud for men, women and unisex, do not hesitate to discover this oriental scent so admired in perfumery, we look forward to hearing your opinion! ;)

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