Top 10 Colours for Autumn 2018

Top 10 Colours for Autumn 2018 I Blog DIVAIN I Similar Perfumes
Without our even realizing it, between sand, water and aromas, we’re already in the autumn season. This decadent season is my favourite, I like the smell of rain and I like when everything is left naked. I like the return to routine, the kids being in school, and, why not, wearing something new. There’s always some new piece of clothing to get. All of us have already realized that what is being worn this year is “animal print.” If you aren’t wearing a snake or leopard pattern, you won’t be anyone this season, but apart from this obvious fact, what are the top 10 colours of autumn in 2018? We went to ask Pantone, who are the ones who know the most about colours, and this is what they told us.

The colours that are in style for autumn 2018

Top 10 Colours for Autumn 2018 I Blog DIVAIN I Similar Perfumes

On what does Pantone base this selection of colours? I’ll gladly tell you. Each season, they look very carefully at the colours that the best fashion designers are using, and based on the ones that they use the most, they create this palette.

The colours that are in style in this season which is already upon us are autumn colours with some unexpected and non-traditional touches. These touches allow us to give some originality and expressivity to our look.

Autumn tones that remind us of fallen leaves and make us want to sigh with nostalgia. A modern palette rich in combinations with surprising explosions of colour. This range of colours can be equally applied to both feminine and masculine fashions.

Apart from these 10 fashionable colours, there are another 5 colours that Pantone considers to be basic, the pure foundations for daily life when we’re wearing long sleeves and coats. These 5 principal colours are easy to use in any moment of the year. Consider them the foundation of your wardrobe and enjoy combining them. They go beyond what’s in style and they always work.

Top 10 Colours for Autumn 2018 I Blog DIVAIN I Similar Perfumes

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