The difference between Cologne, Perfume, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum

In the perfume world, there are various types of fragrances available: cologne, perfume, eau de toilette (EDT) and eau de parfum (EDP). Even if the name of more than one of these is familiar to you, choosing a new perfume that best suits your taste and desires can become complicated if you are not fully aware of the characteristics of each.
In the DIVAIN shop, we want to make beauty easy for you, and explain what distinguishes each of these compositions. Take note!

The difference between a cologne and a perfume

The main differenece between cologne and perfume si in the essence concentration

If you have asked Siri what the difference is between a cologne and a perfume, tell him he can stop....we are going to tell you much more about the fragrance world than he can.


Invented in the city of Cologne, in Germany, eau de cologne, this type of fragrance is known for having one of the lowest concentrations of essential oils on the market with between 1% to 2%, depending on the brand.
The oils are diluted in ethyl alcohol (ethanol), thus creating a quickly volatile and short to medium lived scent. As for the fragrances, it's main characteristic is its freshness, created by top notes of citrus oils.
Used principally by men, particularly after showering or shaving for skincare, some of most popular include DIVAIN-204 and Aqua Pour Homme by Bulgari.  We can also find eau de cologne for women too.  In this case it tends to be be comprised of 100% citrus notes,  the idea being to give a "scents" of freshness throughout the day.


Perfumes are perhaps the best known and most used type fragrance.  Their origin dates back to Roman times, when they used the scent of a perfume, (even on their hair), to cover up the fact that they had not washed.
The strength of perfumes reaches an essential oil concentration of 10% to 15%, which makes it one of the longest lasting fragrances on the market. Apart from this, the essence is diluted in less alcohol, which reduces the negative effects on sensitive skin, a benefit for those who must follow  specific skincare regimes.
Currently there are a number of well known brands with varied compositions in their beauty ranges for use by both men and women.  Carolina Herrera is one of the most respected brands as her perfumes are of a high quality with both delicate notes and a unique scent.

What distinguishes an Eau de Toilette from an Eau de Parfum

discover the difference between eau de toilette and eau de parfum

Here we have two aromatic water based fragrances which have the following differences:

Eau de Toilette ( EDT)

Known as eau de toilette, or eau de cologne, it stands out for having a higher concentration of essence than cologne, with between 2%  to 7% of the fragrance being made up of essential oils diluted in ethyl alcohol.
Compared to the cologne, the scent lasts longer as it has a higher concentration of essence. Similarly, its price is much lower than that of Eau de perfume and is a long lasting fragrance.
Amongst its most striking characteristics is it’s citrusy fresh fragrance notes. Its main objective being to create that feeling of freshness. Eau de toilette is widely available, especially in to shop in pharmacies and supermarkets as part of any beauty range both men and women.  A very popular example of this type of fragrance is Acqua di Gio by Armani.

Eau de Parfum ( EDP)

The main difference between eau de parfum, (edp) and perfumes is once again, in the concentration of the essence. Whilst in perfume water we find a concentration of 7% to 10% which places it one step below a perfume, but one step above an Eau de toilette.
This fragrance is a good alternative for those looking for a new perfume for their beauty collection that is durable but cheap, since it has a base of water and alcohol plus essential oils it keeps the price low also making the perfect gift.
For men, some of the best brands we can find on the market are Giorgio Armani, Jean Paul Gaultier, Calvin Klein or Paco Rabanne. As for the female market, brands such as Lancome, Chanel, Dior or Yves Saint Laurent are those fragrance producers that stand out.
As you can see, when you come to shop for your fragrance you have options at varying prices since most brands offer both the eau de parfum and perfume in the same scent. You choose!

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