Olfactory families: floral perfumes

When we talked about the olfactive families, we told you that the floral family is the most popular and biggest family, because flowers are the most typical aromas in perfume making.

There are many and diverse types of flowers, but each flower has its own personality, its own significance… and of course, its own aroma.

The most-used flowers in perfume making (with examples)

In the Roman era flowers were already being used to make perfumes, as we told you in this article.

Today there are more resources for creating aromas than just flowers, but they remain one of the principal perfume ingredients.

The most-used flowers in perfume making are:


The rose is the queen of the flowers and is the most-used to created fragrances, because of its unmistakable aroma.

It is present in numerous perfumes, and although it may be accompanied by other aromas, it is always the main character.

It is an aroma associated with elegance, sensuality and femininity; all the qualities that you will find in DIVAIN-541, similar to Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancôme.


The jasmine flower is gathered by hand at dawn, so that the heat of the day doesn’t wither it and cause it to lose its fragrance.

This flower is a classic among perfume makers, because depending on the aromas with which it is mixed, it leads to various and interesting nuances.

You can appreciate this uniqueness in DIVAIN-063, similar to J’Adore by Dior. A sophisticated perfume, with a touch of elegance, and most of all, very feminine.


Is there an aroma that is more associated with cleanliness and freshness than lavender?

As a curiosity point, we can tell you that there doesn’t exist just one kind of lavender flower, but instead more than 150 varieties in the world.

But all of them have the soft and warm perfume that will transport you to a place of calmness whenever you smell it.

Discover this aroma in DIVAIN-568, similar to Mon Guerlain by Guerlain, a perfume inspired by the new femininity of the 21st century; free, strong and powerful.

What is your favourite flower?

Now that you know the most-used flowers, what is your favourite floral aroma?

With our search feature you can find your perfume… or even discover an aroma that you have never used. Dare to try our new aromas!


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