What does summer smell like? It’s difficult to put it in words. Does it smell like the sun, the sea, the sand? Does it smell like an ocean breeze, like tropical fruit or like a cocktail? Maybe all of the above are correct and maybe there are a lot of other options, but for me, summer smells like coconuts, suntan lotion and salt.

If you are already on vacation, enjoy the aroma! If you still have to use your imagination to feel the warm sand between your toes, cheer up! If you’re already done with your vacation, be strong! Whatever the case, we at DIVAIN want to help you feel the summer a little closer to you. You’ll have to use your imagination, but this selection of perfumes with the smell of vacation will carry you away to far-off places.

A selection of perfumes that smell like vacation

DIVAIN-113 | Similar to Escale a Portofino for women by DiorDIVAIN-113  Similar to Escale a Portofino for women by Dior

Portofino is an enchanting community situated in the Italian Riviera. With this perfume, the Mediterranean Sea comes to you. When you smell the freshness of DIVAIN-113 and the aroma of a sunny morning on the sea shore, it will make you sigh.


DIVAIN-536 | Similar to Born In Paradise for women by EscadaDIVAIN-536  Similar to Born In Paradise from Escada  Woman

The soul of this fragrance belongs to the clear, turquoise waters of French Polynesia. It smells like tropical fruit, piña coladas, coconut and guava. DIVAIN-536, similar to Born in Paradise by Escada, is a reminder of heaven on earth


DIVAIN-159 | Similar to Acqua Di Gio for women by ArmaniDIVAIN-159  Similar to Acqua Di Gio from Armani  Woman

Walking along a stream, you come to a peaceful haven fed by a waterfall which mists your face with thousands of fresh droplets. They’re droplets of DIVAIN-159, a perfume similar to Armani’s Acqua Di Gioia.


DIVAIN-038 | Similar to Light Blue for men by Dolce & GabbanaDIVAIN-038  Similar to Light Blue from Dolce & Gabbana  Man

A boat rocks before your eyes on the Italian coast. The steep cliffs with a small town at the top contrast with the blue of the sky. The world seems to be on hold and it smells just like DIVAIN-038, a perfume similar to Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana.


DIVAIN-018 | Similar to Allure Sport for men by ChanelDIVAIN-018  Similar to Allure Sport from Chanel  Man

A terrace by the sea and a vanilla ice cream that melts as you drink a fresh-squeezed orange juice. Can you imagine it? DIVAIN-018 is exactly like that, a mixture of fresh and sweet that you will love for its pure aroma of summer.


DIVAIN-225 | Similar to Azzaro Chrome for men by AzzaroDIVAIN-225  Similar to Azzaro Chrome from Azzaro  Man

This perfume will transport you to the summers of your childhood, full of happy memories. This fragrance’s connections to crystal waters and blue skies can’t be denied. It captures all the essence of an infinite sea in the afternoon.

These are some, but not all, of the summer fragrances that you’ll find in our catalogue. We have many more, for men, women or both (unisex perfumes). If you like fresh aromas and want to remember summer all year long, pick one of them for every day.



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