Summer Perfumes, try a new Fragrance!

What does summer smell like? It is difficult to put into words, sun, sea, fine sand? An ocean breeze, a tropical fruit, a cocktail? Maybe all of the above are true and there are many more options, but for me the best summer smells of coconut, sun cream and salt.

It’s undeniable that in the summer we feel more attracted to fresh scents, with top notes that remind us of the beach, nature and exotic fruits. Maybe you are someone who prefers an eau de toilette instead of an eau de parfum ... Any excuse is good to try out the latest fashion, change your fragrance this summer and stop dreaming, whether you are a man or a woman.

Summer has arrived at DIVAIN accompanied by laughter and passion, adventures and challenges, new fashion, Caribbean music and new parfum with a citric and floral scent, coconut, vanilla and loaded with olfactory beauty.

Are you ready for your olfactory memory to take you on holiday? Keep reading to hear our suggestions for this summer's best new fragrances for men and women.

The best summer perfumes for women

DIVAIN-113 | Similar to Escale a Portofino for Women by Dior

italian-village-nestled-in-coastal-bay-summer-perfume-for-womenPortofino is an enchanting community situated in the Italian Riviera. With this perfume, the mediterranean sea comes to you. When you smell the freshness of DIVAIN-113, the aroma of a sunny morning on the sea shore, it will make you sigh. 

DIVAIN-536 | Similar to Born in Paradise for Women by Escada

tropical-coastline-lush-vegetation-turquoise-waters-perfume-summer-womenThe soul of this fragrance belongs to the clear, turquoise waters and beauty of French Polynesia. It smells like tropical fruit, piña coladas, coconut and guava. DIVAIN-536, similar to Born in Paradise by Escada, is a reminder of heaven on earth

DIVAIN-159 | Similar to Acqua Di Gio for Women by Armani

tropical-waterfall-in-lush-green-forest-perfume-for-womenWalking along a stream, you come to a peaceful haven fed by a waterfall which mists your face with thousands of fresh droplets. They’re droplets of DIVAIN-159, a perfume similar to Armani’s Acqua Di Gio for women.. Do you fancy a change? Here you have a floral aroma with hints of rose, your perfect beauty complement.

DIVAIN-626 | Similar to Love in White for Women by Creed

Sail-boat-in-sunset-couple-on-deck-summer-perfume-DIVAIN-626Pure summer in full bloom. Imagine a calm night at sea, with the cool night wind filling the yacht’s sails and ruffling your hair. A new fragrance recently added to the DIVAIN catalogue, a scent that contains aromas selected from the 5 continents. Go on a trip with her!

Best summer fragrances for men

DIVAIN-038 | Similar to Light Blue for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

turquoise-sea-white-cliffs- mens-summer-perfume-DIVAIN-038A boat rocks before your eyes on the Italian coast. The steep cliffs with a small town at the top contrast with the blue of the sky. The world seems to be on hold and it smells just like DIVAIN-038, a perfume similar to Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, a perfume that never goes out of style.

DIVAIN-018 | Similar to Allure Sport for Men by Chanel

DIVAIN-038-mens-perfume-white-mediterranean-terrace-blue-sea-backdropA terrace with a sea view, a vanilla ice cream that melts while you drink a freshly squeezed orange juice, can you imagine? This is exactly what DIVAIN-018 is like, a fresh and sweet mixture that you will love as it holds the essence of summer.

DIVAIN-225 | Similar to Azzaro Chrome for men by Azzaro

sunset-over-sea-palm-trees-summer-perfume-menThis perfume will transport you to the summers of your childhood, full of happy memories. The links of this fragrance with the fresh, crystalline waters and the blue sky are irrefutable, capturing all the essence and shape of the infinite sea at sunset with citrus notes and a slightly floral scent that will take you back to the past.

DIVAIN-222 | Similar to Sauvage for men by Dior 

turquoise-sea-view-from-green-cliffs-boats-in-bay-mens-summer-perfumeThis fragrance is ideal for refreshing in the hottest season of the year. It's like a joker that always works, pure, like a clean, fresh white shirt, if you close your eyes and smell, you will find the notes of lavender and vanilla, as if you were in Capri. Refresh your summer!

As you can see, summer is not only about fashion, filling your wardrobe with dresses and letting yourself be carried away by what the magazines say is “in”. Nor is it limited to following to a 'T' what influencers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter have to say. Choosing the right perfume for the summer is also important.

These are some, but not all of the refreshing, summer fragrances you'll find in the DIVAIN shop. We have many more, for men, women or both (unisex perfumes). If you like a fresh fragrance and want to remember the summer season all year long, choose a fresh eau de parfum or eau de toilette as your every day fragrance.

If you still do not know which perfume to choose, stop by a perfume shop and look for the ideal one for you, you will have to smell various new scent until you find yours. Surely there is an equivalent at our online shop with more than 420 fragrances for men and women of many brands: Kenzo, Guerlain, Sisley, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Jo Malone, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Loewe, Hugo Boss, Givenchy, Calvin Klein, and others. Whether floral, fresh, fruity or citric perfumes the glamour is in DIVAIN!

If you are already on holiday, enjoy the scent! If you still have to use your imagination to feel the warm sand between your toes, and breeze in your hair, treat youself! If you’re already done with your holiday, be strong! Whatever the case, we at DIVAIN want to help you feel the summer a little closer to you. You’ll have to use your imagination, but this selection of perfumes with the smell of holidays will carry you away to warm, far-off places.


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