For you lovers of aromas and essences, we bring you this second entry about the olfactory families of our perfumes. You can refresh your memory about the previous ones in this article in our blog.

Keep learning about the fragrances that awaken memories, evoke images and unleash emotions with the 6 following olfactory families from our catalogue:


Spicy Olfactory Family-DIVAIN, similar perfumes

These are daring and racy perfumes, with an oriental touch which often have spicy notes like cinnamon, pepper and cardamom.
Do you have an intense night of seduction planned? Take note: for women, DIVAIN-501, perfume similar to Idole by Armani y DIVAIN-266 , similar to Egoist by Chanel for men.

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Floral Olfactory Family-DIVAIN, similar perfumes

This is the oldest and most popular olfactive family, because its aromas are the most typical in perfume-making. They are romantic fragrances; straightforward but not simple, like DIVAIN-502, perfume similar to Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent.
Even an increasing number of men are daring to emphasize their masculinity with a touch of romanticism, using perfumes like DIVAIN-231, similar to Man by Loewe.

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Fougere Olfactory Family-DIVAIN, similar perfumes

These are fragrances that try to reproduce the strong, fresh and natural essence of the forest, with essences that evoke musk, wood, bergamot or lavender. For men who exude vitality and strength, we recommend DIVAIN-014, perfume similar to Fuel For Life Home by Diesel or DIVAIN-264, similar to Polo by Ralph Laurent.

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Fruity Olfactory Family-DIVAIN, similar perfumes

These are perfumes that are mostly feminine, with a wide range of fruity tones other than citrus.

Depending on the predominant fruit, these can be sweet aromas, like DIVAIN-194, a perfume similar to Cherry in the Air, by Escada (with the smell of cherry and raspberry), or more fresh, like DIVAIN-176, similar to Taj Sunset by Escada (with notes of mango, coconut and water lily).

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Oriental Olfactory Family-DIVAIN, similar perfumes

Obviously, these are sweet, exotic and intense aromas which transport us to the landscapes of the Orient: vanilla, myrrh or benzoin.

For sophisticated, elegant people with a marked sensuality and magnetism.

The perfect example is Opium, by Yves Saint Laurent, as much for women (DIVAIN-115) as for men (DIVAIN-045). Who can resist?

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Vanilla Olfactory Family-DIVAIN, similar perfumes

The aroma of vanilla has been appreciated by all cultures and is widely used in perfume-making for its sweet and warm touch.

These are classic fragrances that maintain their popularity, along with more modern mixtures, like DIVAIN-561, a perfume similar to L by Lolita Lempika for women.

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Now that you know all of the olfactive families, which is your favorite? What perfume do you prefer and when do you use it?


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