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Discovering the DISCOVERY SET

Live new olfactory experiences with DIVAIN Discovery Packs. A new way to enjoy aromas similar to your favorite perfumes, to discover olfactory families that you did not know and to open yourself to a new world of unforgettable sensations. 

What does the Discovery Pack include?

Each Discovery Set is made up of 8 fragrances in 15ml format, grouped by families or trends, which give you the opportunity to discover the world of perfume from a totally different perspective. We design each pack in detail and pay special attention to the compatibility of the 8 mini-format fragrances that it includes.

Price of the Discovery Pack

This format is the best way for you to try and discover new perfumes without having to spend € 100 on 100ml formats that may not convince you. The Discovery Set is 120 ml divided into 8 different scents that offer you 8 opportunities to enjoy new perfumes and who knows, maybe discover your next favorite. The price of the Discovery Set is affordable and accessible to everyone.

Types of Discovery Set

Each pack is special, unique and offers you a different experience. In addition to meeting new olfactory families that you did not know, you can also enter the world of niche perfumes or have those discontinued aromas in your hands that you thought you would never be able to get again.

Enjoy a tribute to one of the most popular olfactory families with the floral perfume pack, travel to exotic paradises with oriental aromas, discover the most daring, spicy and sensual men's fragrances or open the doors to a world of fresh notes that smell like freshly cleaned.

These and many other experiences are what you can live with this fantastic format.

The original gift you were looking for

These packs are the perfect gift, since they are a very original and totally different format. A more entertaining and fun way to try and discover the characteristics of a certain olfactory family or category from the world of perfume.

In addition, the Discovery Set includes packaging adapted to this format and personalized in detail, ideal for gifts. You will surprise that special person as he deserves!

And of course, if you want you can always give yourself that whim you deserve and choose a Discovery Pack to enjoy yourself. You will love the experience!

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