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The Spanish brand is one of the firms with the most history. Its beginnings in the fashion and accessories sector, in which it is now positioned as a benchmark for luxury, date back to the 19th century. In 1842 the leather goods workshop opened in the center of Madrid which later, with the incorporation of the German Enrique Loewe Roessberg, would become Loewe as we know it today. In its almost two centuries of history, it has managed to create truly iconic pieces and be synonymous with exclusivity throughout the world, as well as creating a perfumery line that has been very successful since its first fragrance, L by Loewe, was launched in 1972.

Uniqueness and luxury in Loewe perfume

That first Loewe perfume, a fragrance for men, marked the successful trajectory in the world of luxury perfumery that has lasted for almost 50 years. Loewe perfume, like its accessories and clothing, is the object of desire that represents a life full of elegance and good taste. Emilio Valeros, head perfumer of the Spanish house for more than 20 years, is responsible for such emblematic fragrances as Aura Loewe or Solo Loewe.

Loewe perfume for men

Loewe perfume for men has been incorporating innovations and trends over the decades, to always offer creations for contemporary men, with all their nuances. Some of the most sought after are:

  • Esencia from Loewe: A virile and complex perfume, composed of a large number of ingredients, but with a simple development that manages to represent the character of the Spanish man, with all his bearing and elegance. Considered by many the best men's perfume in history.
  • 7 from Loewe: One of the most traditional and niche perfumes, this fragrance combines pepper, apple, incense and cedar to create a woody scent with a floral-fruity background that conquers lovers of less commercial perfumery.
  • Solo Loewe: One of the best sellers of the Spanish firm, it is a perfume full of contrasts with a sophisticated and unique combination of floral, fruity and woody notes.

Loewe for women

Loewe has succeeded in creating iconic women's perfumes that remain bestsellers decades after being launched, including:

  • Aire from Loewe: Without a doubt, the most iconic Loewe perfume for women. Now a classic, it represents a breath of fresh breeze loaded with floral notes that leave a clean, feminine, ethereal and delicate aroma.
  • Aura from Loewe: The combination of high contrast notes such as red currant, leather, raspberry and cedar, create a perfume with great magnetism and strength.
  • Loewe 001: One of your most recent hits. This perfume, which also has its male version, wants to recreate the essence of the first hours after the first love affair, the beginning of a love story. The result is a simple and neutral scent, yet sophisticated and elegant.

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