DIVAIN-607 - Similar to Tom Ford
Mandarino di Amalfi

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Perfume similar to Mandarino di Amalfi by Tom Ford

An elegant and very distinguished citric aroma. It leaves a very natural and fresh wake, which carries you to the blue waters of an Italian island in the Mediterranean. An ideal fragrance to make a difference.

Olfactive Family:


Olfactory Notes. HEAD: tarragon, mint, blackcurrants, grapefruit, lemon and basil. || HEART: black pepper, coriander, orange blossom, clary sage, purple mint and jasmine. || BASE: vetiver, amber, labdanum, musk and civet.

Intensity High
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Perfume similar to Mandarino di Amalfi

Fragrance Family

Citrus Aromatic





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