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Perfume inspired by Tam Dao from Diptyque

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DIVAIN-756 | Unisex

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Similar Perfume Tam Dao from diptych (v.2003)

there are seventies that teleports you to different corners of paradise around the world. Full of Beauty, This is one of them.
This Perfume Will Take You Through the Forests and Sacred Temples of French Indochina to Feel the Aromas of Its Culture Allowing Your Skin. A Cocktail of Olfactory Notes With Woody, Spicy and Spicy Touches Such As Sandalwood and Cedar Will Transmit A Unique Sense of Well-Being. This is an adventure you simplely do not want to miss, try it! span>

We are updating the perfume bottle design, and you might still receive the previous model. But the scent and quality remain unchanged!