DIVAIN-DS8 inspired by

Discovery Set Intense


Discovery Set Intense with fragrances that evoke unique sensations
Perfumes for your whole family with this pack of unisex scents
Image the Discovery Set Intense and all that includes


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And an intense bomb has been born for you! Who said that perfume has a gender? This set was born to break down this stereotype and open the doors to the indefinite. Who has not stolen the perfume from his partner, his father or mother, brother, sister? Well, this set allows us to enjoy in a crowd.

No more robberies at the dressing table. These 8 fragrances are designed and thought for everyone. Also, if we are in a couple, we can play to smell the same and create an even stronger union. The revolution in the perfume genre is found in this set with a selection of our most intense and characterful fragrances. It does not disappoint, it does not fail. You are one click away from finding out.

Units: 8 perfumes of each 15ML

This set includes: DIVAIN-196, DIVAIN-296, DIVAIN-315, DIVAIN-607, DIVAIN-611, DIVAIN-250, DIVAIN-653, DIVAIN-639

27,47 € 54,95 €

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