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Find out what the difference is between conditioner and mask

The difference between a hair mask and conditioner: Which is better?

Conditioners and hair masks are your best allies if you are looking to hydrate dry hair and give it softness and a silky shine. These beauty products are very useful to help dry and brittle hair and are suitable for any type of hair, especially dry hair, as they help nourish and keep the hair fibres and scalp keeping them healthy.

Both conditioners and masks are best after washing hair, but you may be wondering which one should be used first or which is better? Let us clear up all your doubts by telling you what are the main differences between the conditioners and the masks so that you can use them as you need to get maximum benefit from them.

Differences between hair conditioners and hair masks

How does conditioner differ from a hair mask and which of the two is betterWhat are they for?

Conditioner is used to hydrate the hair after washing, leaving it soft and shiny. It also heals the hair fibre, prevents frizz keeping a sleek look to your hair. Its formula is not particularly strong meaning it is a beauty product which can bu used every day and will not bother dry or oily hair or skin.

A mask is much stronger than a conditioner and gives a deep nourishing treatment, keeping it healthy and shiny. This product, which has a more concentrated formula, recovers the hair fibre and seals the hair cuticle helping hair looks smooth and sleek without split ends or frizz.

How are they applied?

Both of these beauty products are applied in the same way: on wet hair and after washing. The difference is that they need a different amount of time on your hair to get to work and do their job. While the conditioner works immediately, a mask needs 10-15 minutes to complete a deep conditioning of the fibres.

To apply masks correctly you should start in the centre of your hair and massage it through to the ends making sure the tips get a good treatment too. You can also give yourself a little scalp massage to nourish your scalp and relax just a little too!

How often should you apply these treatments?

The conditioner should be applied after each wash if your hair needs it, it depends how often you wash your hair. Most people use conditioner every day. Thanks to its light formula there is no need to worry about oily or greasy hair and the more frequently you use it will enhance the condition of your hair deep to the root meaning your hair will look great every day.

As masks work at a deeper level, it is recommended to apply them once a week, since the excessive use of this beauty product can cause your hair to become oily and make your hair thick and heavy. it will depend on your hair type, if it is greasy anyway you may choose to use it once a month. In summer, you can use a mask more frequently as hair can suffer with exposure to the sun or as well as chlorine and sea water if you head to the beach. When using a mask remember to cover the ends and avoid the roots so you don't kill any volume.

it is handy to know that you can use both treatments together, bearing in mind that the masks should always be applied after the conditioner.

These are the differences between conditioner and mask and what they are forTips

  • You do not need to apply a large amount of either of these products to your hair.
  • You do not have to leave conditioner in for long, in the case of masks it is important that is has minimum 10 minutes for the treatment to work.
  • It is also important to avoid using the mask excessively, as it can lead to dandruff or make hair greasy.

Advantages of conditioners and masks

Conditioners close the hair cuticle and makes it more manageable and easy to detangle. It also provides other benefits such as softness, shine and volume, it controls static hair, hydrates hair and scalp and reduces the appearance of split ends.

On the other hand, a hair mask also offers many benefits. It is very moisturising and provides a lot of luminosity and shine. It also protects the hair from damage, prevents frizz, prevents hair loss and strengthens hair from the root.

Which of the two treatments is better?

The ideal is to combine the use of a conditioner and a mask, since both treatments can be helpful and are a good complement to each other. Of course, remember to always buy products that adapt to your hair type to obtain the best results and adapt the frequency of use according to your hair type too with dry hair needing more treatment then oily hair.
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