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Best looks with a denim shirt

How to wear a denim shirt: 8 Looks

When it comes to choosing a casual look, denim shirts are one of those items of clothing that never go out of fashion for both men and women. For this reason we are going to tell you 8 ways to wear your denim shirt for looks that triumph.
You can take advantage of that shirt in your wardrobe in a number of ways to create a new outfit and set some trends!

Tips for men - how to wear a denim shirt

Learn to how to wear a denim shirt, the item that never goes out of fashionAlthough the times of men on horseback in double denim are in the past, a denim shirt never goes out of style and can be a great option for a casual daytime style.
If you don't have an image consultant, don't worry, we will give you some fashion tips combining men's denim shirt:

With jeans

You may think double denim is out, but actually the option of a blue denim shirt if fine if you style it with white or back jeans for a colour contrast. Why not try complementing your jeans with moccasin shoes, cowboy boots or lumberjack for a cosy winter outfit.

With Blazers

For lovers of smart casual wear, denim or chambray shirts are perfect to wear with a jacket or blazer, which is a basic item in every guy's wardrobe. One of the ways to wear your denim shirt is with a blazer to create a more acceptable work outfit or a more casual jacket for a social or family event.
Combining different textures such as different like white jeans give you various options.


Chinos are the next step up from jeans, designed to be a more formal look as well as being comfortable. A denim shirt can be paired perfectly with khaki, brown, beige or navy blue chinos. This combination will give you a casual look whilst keeping you original.

Bad Ass open shirt

An open denim shirt, T-shirt, and black leather jacket is your look if you want to look like a bad boy. Pair it with some biker-style leather boots and you will take it to the next level!

How should women best wear a denim shirt?

How to wear a denim shirt for women to be on trendLike men, women can also get the most out of a denim shirt. These are the outfits to set trends with this garment:

Denim shirt and leggings

Wearing black leggings is a great decision when you want a formal look that requires little work. Leggings are comfortable, no iron and go with everything. In addition, the black color will make the blue of your shirt stand out. If you want a more feminine look turn it into a shirt dress with a belt.

Hipster style

If your dress style is hipster or vintage fashion, you can combine your denim shirt with a midi skirt. The combinations with these garment are endless thanks to the large number of colours, textures and patterns that exist for this type of skirt. You will have infinite ways to wear your blue denim shirt.

Shirts and leather

One of the best summer and spring looks is to pair your shirt with a leather skirt, or opt for a more casual style such as of women's leather trousers and a dark leather jacket.

Extra Large Shirts

If you have an oversize denim shirt, you can wear it open with a tank top or a body underneath.
As you can see, the options you have for creating new outfits with your shirt are endless. Grab your denim shirt and go for it!
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