Fruity perfumes: natural aromas

As we have talked about on other occasions, these days there are various universal models in the classification of olfactory families. The most extensive and accepted categories are those endorsed by the French Perfume Committee, which maintains that perfumes are grouped into seven large families: citrus, floral, oriental, leather, fougére, chypre and woody; and the olfactory family fragrance wheel, established by Michael Edwards.

Michael Edward’s fragrance wheel is based on the idea that a fragrance has a defined character whose order can be classified in 4 olfactory families: floral, fresh, woody and oriental; each of which is situated on the outside of the wheel, and each of which is subdivided in 4 sub-groups, represented in the interior of the wheel.


Each sub-group, in turn, classifies its fragrances according to the most specific notes of which they are composed. In this way, the fragrance wheel includes every aroma. Today we’ll talk about the fruity aromas, which are found within the fresh olfactory family, which has four sub-categories: citrus, aquatic, green and fruity. 

The fresh fruity olfactory family

To introduce the fresh family, we could say that the perfumes belonging to this family are ideal to use during the day and in the afternoon. The fruity fragrances specifically are those composed mainly of red fruits, and they tend to be feminine aromas: we bring you a small selection so you can delight yourself with these revitalizing and cheerful aromas that can’t be missing in your toilet bag. 

DIVAIN-074 similar to Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka has central notes of cherry. An aroma that conquers because it is so special.

DIVAIN-580 similar to Creed for her, by Creed, is an ideal fruity aroma for the arrival of good weather, since at its base it has notes of blackcurrant, which it also shares with DIVAIN-093 similar to La Vida es Bella, by Lancôme. 

DIVAIN-620 similar to Elderflower & Gooseberry by Jo Malone is a very fresh fragrance, ideal to face your day to day with a smile. Among its olfactory notes stands out gooseberry.

Have you decided which fruity perfume you like best? If you don’t know which to pick or if you want to explore all of our fruity aromas, you know you can use our search tools and bring out a new perfume with the new season!



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