Olfactive families: Citrus perfumes, ideal for summer

When the heat of summer arrives, fresh aromas are appealing; those that are less intense than the aromas of the colder seasons.

If there is an olfactive family that transports us directly to summer, it’s the citrus family.

Surely what comes to your mind is lemon and orange… but there are other citric aromas that maybe you don’t identify so quickly.

The most frequently-used citrus aromas in perfume making (with examples)

The king of citrus is the lemon, but it isn’t the boss in perfume making, as you will see. You may find more than one surprise.


One of the least-known citrus aromas, but the most-used in perfume making.

It is present in almost all citrus perfumes, because its aroma is very intense.

You can appreciate it in DIVAIN – 113, similar to Escale a Portofino by Dior. Its aroma transports you to a summer afternoon in an Italian cove. Are you in?


After bergamot, it is one of the citric aromas that is most used to create perfumes.

Its essential oil is extracted from the peel and has a very refreshing and recognizable aroma, although it doesn’t tend to be the principal note in the perfume, but instead complements others.

It is a fragrance related to summer, youth and happiness. It’s in DIVAIN – 030, similar to CK One by Calvin Klein, which is also a unisex perfume.


The citrus family includes, not only fruits, but also other products of the orange, as in the case of neroli.

Its olfactive note is extracted by distilling the flower of the bitter orange, like the essence of orange blossom. But the technique with which it is obtained produces a softer and sweeter aroma: it smells like orange blossom, green leaves and spices.

Have we piqued your curiosity? You can satisfy it with DIVAIN – 560, similar to Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford, a unisex perfume that is perfect to give a touch of glamour to your summer.

What citrus perfume to you prefer?

Although citrus perfumes are very widespread, they still hold a lot of surprises. Use our search tool and dare to try new aromas for this vacation season, with it you can find your perfume… or even discover one you have never used. Dare to try new aromas!

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