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Hugo Boss, the brand of luxury and sensuality

Hugo Boss is a German brand founded in 1924. Although in its beginnings it was dedicated to the manufacture of military and work uniforms, little by little it became what we know today: a fashion house of international reference, which stands out for being the image of luxury, elegance, sobriety and sensuality.

Fragrances full of style and personality

Hugo Boss fragrances are made for self-confident people, who stop at nothing and who go through life with their heads held high. Sober and elegant, but above all natural. And it is that these fragrances enhance the intrinsic elegance that has the wearer.

Hugo Boss perfume for men

If there is an attribute that characterizes the Hugo Boss perfumes for men is the elegance taken to its highest levels. Sober aromas that do not lose the naturalness at any time, so they are ideal in the day to day. These are some of the most famous:

  • Hugo by Hugo Boss (DIVAIN-020): This fragrance does not bear the name of the brand by mere chance. Its fresh but elegant scent is the clear representation of how the brand relates to its younger audience: offering freshness and spontaneity but without losing elegance.
  • Hugo Iced by Hugo Boss (DIVAIN-316): An instant burst of freshness and energy. Ideal to wear from the early hours of the morning. Refreshing but without losing calm and virility.
  • Hugo Just Different by Hugo Boss (DIVAIN-217): A fragrance a little different to what the brand normally offers us but that still maintains the essence of the brand. Very special and with a lot of character. 

Colognes for women

Hugo Boss perfumes for women are also characterized by their sobriety and elegance, for being pure aromas and suitable to wear at any time and turn every moment into something special. Among them we highlight: 

  • Boss The Scent for Her by Hugo Boss (DIVAIN-188): Feminine and sensual fragrance, a cult of seduction without losing an ounce of elegance. 
  • Boss Orange (DIVAIN-151): Discreet and fresh, it is natural, spontaneous and cheerful. The shot of optimism and vitality that is so necessary in everyday life.
  • Deep Red by Hugo Boss (DIVAIN-522): Another fragrance of the brand that is tremendously sexy and seductive. Its scent intoxicates anyone. Only suitable for women with initiative and self-confidence.

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