At DIVAIN we care for our planet.

For the earth, for us. For today and for the future.

Fighting climate change and taking care of our planet is one of our main goals and we know that every little gesture counts.

That’s why DIVAIN is united to the movement #PlanetFirst
How? Optimizing our sustainable impact, increasing the well-being of our environment and improving the future of our planet. We align ourselves with the 2030 Agenda of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to promote a healthier life on a healthier planet.

What does DIVAIN do for #PlanetFirst?

We are Cruelty Free

None of our perfumes is tested on animals.
(SDG UN Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production) 

DIVAIN #PlanetFirst

Sustainable deliveries

We carry out sustainable deliveries. Over 99% of our shipments are done by land transport to minimize the environmental impact, this is much higher for transport by air and sea.
(SDG UN Goal 13: Climate action)

In what direction is DIVAIN going?

We are using a circular economy by reusing our bottles with our refill system

(SDG UN Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production) 

100% of the electric energy we use comes from renewable energy sources.

(SDG UN Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy)

We encourage responsible consumption from our customers by making changes to our return policy but without jeopardizing our after-sales service.

(SDG UN Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production)

The earth is our place, we have to take care of her Join #PlanetFirst! Every little gesture counts.